Top 20 Best Tennis Uniform Design Ideas in 2022

Let us have a look at some of most unique and best looking tennis outfit designs we can have in 2022.

#1 Black and White Printed Dress Combination from Nike

Before you enter the court, you need get dressed for the occasion, this Nike themed outfit design will do just that.

Wooter sells all kind of outfit designs like this one so be sure to visit their site.

#2  Black and White Slash Printed Crop Top and Mini Skirt 

A modern print of slanting black and white lines, this outfit design will make sure you don’t fall in with the crowd.

This design can be bought on Wooter.

#3  Slender Blue Dress

Ah yes, the simple blue, brother to the white, a classic that never gets old.

Available on Wooter.

#4  Bright White and Orange Dress from Nike

This design and outfit is a courtesy from Puma. It features an orange bottom and a top with white base and orange side-stripe.

Wooter will sell you this design.

#5  Vintage Red Sleeveless and a White Mini Skirt

“Vintage” and “Stylish” are the two words that describes this outfit.

This outfit is available on Wooter.

#6 All White Dress with Mini Puffy Skirt

This dress features a white base with black outer linings. It comes with a wavy skirt that contains hints of black linings on the outer garments.

Available on Wooter.

#7 Dark Royal Blue Silk with Neon Lines

This Nike brand features a deep blue dress with a yellow middle stripes. To add up to the uniqueness, it comes with a silky 1/2 side cloak that will flutter along with the wind.

This color scheme is available on Wooter.

#8 Purple Blast Dress with Puffy Skirt 

This outfit screams feminity and power.  

You can have a similar outfit made on Wooter.

#9  All Black “Catlady” 

A combination of black dress, golden buttons, and dark shiny boots makes this outfit so beguiling.

Wooter will allow you to copy this design and even customize it further.

#10 White Dress with Silver Linings 

Ah yes, the “OG” simple white dress in tennis, this one never gets old. This one comes with a silver waist-garment that is used to keep things tight.

This design can be replicated on Wooter.

#11 Pink Sleeveless Top and Mini Skirt from Nike

This outfit features a pink and white theme. If you want a stylish and modern design but don’t want to look too flashy, then this outfit might be the one you need.

This pink colored design is available on Wooter.

#12 Pure Yellow from Nike

The deep yellow is a strange mixture of strong and soft themes. This color is used in the design seen above. While it screams simplicity, the eye-catchiness of the outfit is not sacrificed.

Designs like this one are available on Wooter.

#13 Green and Yellow Dress Combo paired with high socks from Puma

A Puma themed bluish green outfit that comes with yellow outer linings, this is the second most unique-looking design we have on this list.

This style can be made for you on Wooter.

#14 Black Purple, Gold and Red Colored Graphic Dress

This outfit comes with a blackish purple base that is printed with golden ornaments and a maroon rose. This is the number one most unique-looking design we have on this list..

Wooter will sell you this design for a reasonable price.

#15 Lime Green and White Dress

This design is a simple combination of white based bottom and yellow based top, perfect for those who wants keep it simple.

This outfit can be copied on Wooter.

#16 Color Splash Printed Dress

If you want to go artistic, then this design might be the one you’re looking for. It features a white base with several chaotic touch of colors.

This color scheme can be built and customized on Wooter.

#17 Pink Leopard Pink Dress

This design comes with a stripy leopard skin pattern bathed in a strong pink color. Ferocity and strength are two words that can describe this outfit design.

This design can be made for you on Wooter.

#18 Black Dress and Brown Undershirt

Direct. Simple. Fabulous.

Wooter can further stylize this design if you want.

#19 Orange Long Sleeved Dress 

Even though it’s just one bland color, there is something about this outfit that just seems so dazzling to look at.

This orange dress is available on Wooter

#20  Asymmetrical Black, Pink and Red Nike Unitard

This one features an elegant mixture of black, pink and red. The chaotic symmetry on this design is what gives it “the look”.

This design can be bought on Wooter.





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