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Top 10 Best Custom Bakeries in Manhattan

Are you looking for the sweetest cakes and tastiest bread in Manhattan? Perfect! Let us have a glimpse of the best bakeries in the city!


Image Source: Mias Brooklyn

Grabbing the first spot, we have “Mia’s Brooklyn Bakery”. According to Mias Brooklyn, the bakery is an homage to Mia’s delight and their beloved city–authentic and from the heart, just like their baking! It has a lot on its menus such as cakes, gluten-free &vegan tarts, cheesecakes, cupcakes, and other delicious desserts as your stomach desires. On the other hand, you can visit Mia’s Brooklyn Bakery for more info about the bakery.

#2 Dominique Ansel Bakery

Image Source: Time Out

In the second spot, we have “Dominique Ansel Bakery”. According to Time Out, the owner, Dominique Ansel, honed his skills as executive pastry chef at Daniel for six years before opening this American and French patisserie. Caramelized croissants, miniature pastel meringues, and madeleines make up the sweet selections at the counter, in addition to Ansel’s madcap creations like milk shot glasses made from chocolate-chip cookies and frozen s’mores on a stick.

#3 Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery

Image Sources: Time Out and Facebook

In the third spot, we have “Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery”. According to Facebook, the bakery transports the curious on a delectable journey of mystery and desire that will elevate the baked good to a piece of comforting decadence that can be experienced every day. 

#4 Patisserie Tomoko Bakery

Image Source: Time Out

In the fourth spot, we have “Patisserie Tomoko Bakery”. According to Time Out, Haute pastry whiz Tomoko Kato’s (Bouley Bakery, Le Bernardin) dessert tasting menu spotlights French-Japanese confections. Snag a seat for a three-course prix fixe including an amuse-bouche, your choice of sweets, and petits fours. Pair your pastries with wine, coffee, or tea. Items are also available to go.

#5 Ovenly

Image Source: Ovenly

In the fifth spot, we have the “Ovenly Bakery”. According to Ovenly, it is award-winning retail and wholesale bakery. As a bakery, we specialize in that magic intersection between savory & sweet.

#6 Mazzola Bakery

Image Source: Mazzola Bakery

In the sixth spot, we have the “Mazzola Bakery”. According to Mazzola Bakery, the bakery has a taste of the past that will keep customers coming back in the future. Moreover, it has authentic homemade loaves of bread, baked goods, and other specialties that highlight the menu at the family-owned and operated establishment in the heart of Carroll Gardens.

#7 Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

Image Source: Time Out

In the seventh spot, we have the “Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop”. According to Time Out, you’ll find doughy fritters, not Tinkerbell, at this Greenpoint standby. Dip your lightly glazed raised doughnut into steaming coffee at the curved counter or box up a dozen still-warm chocolate cake rounds and black-raspberry jellies—just some of the 20-odd varieties baked daily.

#8 F. Monteleone & Cammareri Bakery

Image Sources : Time Out and Pasticceria Monteleone BK

In the eighth spot, we have the “F. Monteleone & Cammareri Bakery”. According to Time Out, the bakery was colloquially known as The One With the Burger Cake in the Window, this old-world bakery creates all manner of pretty special occasion cakes. For everyday affairs, it also has rows and rows of dainty mini-pastries, gelato, and an abundance of Italian cookies.

#9 Supermoon Bakehouse

Image Source: Supermoon Bakehouse

In the ninth spot, we have the “Supermoon Bakehouse”. According to Supermoon Bakehouse, everything they make is hand-rolled, hand-crafted, and made with painstaking care in our bakehouse. Their grain, flour, fruit, and vegetables are sourced from local farms & mills. Moreover, they put their heart and soul into the Supermoon.

#10 Sugar Sweet Sunshine

Image Source: Sugar Sweet Sunshine

Lastly, in the tenth spot, we have the “Sugar Sweet Sunshine”. According to Time Out, this LES bakery pulls double-duty as a coffee shop where you can sip java and eat your sweets on the spot. In addition to its permanent and seasonal handheld treats, Sugar Sweet Sunshine also makes layer cakes, pies, pudding, and cookies.


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