The Best Football Uniform Designs in 2022

Let us have a look at some of the best looking football jersey designs we can have in 2022.

#1 Blue Black and White Combinations

A simple but creatively augmented combination of blue, black and white gives this jersey a neat and stylish look.

Wooter sell all kinds of outfit designs like this one so be sure to check out their site.

#2 Blue Base and Black Gale

This design captures the windy sensation during a full run on football.

You can have Wooter build this design for you.

#3 White Base and Top Lightning Streams

Football is all about speed, and so therefore you need to go lightning when playing it. There is no better way of expressing this than putting the actual lightning in your head.

This design can be bought on Wooter.

#4 Jet Black

This design with the black and red combination screams power and dominance.

Available on Wooter.

#5 Tiger Patterns

With this design, you can embody the aggression and ferocity of a tiger. 

These patterns can easily be copied and built for you on Wooter.

#6 Metallic Gold Vest

This design features a shiny and chrome-like golden vest paired with blue arms giving an armor-like illusion to the outfit.

Wooter will sell you this design.

#7 Black and Orange Saturate

Black and orange mingled together creates a charm like no other, all that can be witnessed in this outfit.

This color scheme is available on Wooter.

#8 Heavy Navy Blue

Sometimes to be truly fabulous you don’t really need to overcomplicate things. Just throw in a jet navy blue and pair it with a complimentary team name or number and you are all set.

Available on Wooter.

#9 Black Ops

Discipline, skill, and ruthlessness all captured in one photo.

You can have a similar outfit made on Wooter.

#10 Rustic

This outfit gives a rustic and grimy vibe that perfectly encapsulates the words “grit” and “determination”.

This gritty design can be copied on Wooter.

#11 San Diego Fleet

A courtesy from the San Diego Fleet football team. This jersey is made out of a combination of yellow base stripes and silver black top and bottom.

Available on Wooter.

#12 Pink Battalion 

If you ever hear someone say that feminine colors have no place in such a violent sport like football, just show them this jersey and they will instantly change their opinion.

This pink colored design is available on Wooter.

#13 Dark Green and Orange Waves

A unique design that has royal characteristics, this Nike themed outside is sure to make you stand out.

Wooter will allow you to copy this design and even customize it further.

#14 White Base, Red Lines and Purple Stripes

A dazzling mixture of multiple colors distributed all over a while base, this jersey is one of the most ingenious innovations of white based jerseys.

Available on Wooter.

#15 Stars and Yellow

A sparky combination of yellow and black paired with red, blue, and yellow stars featured on the shoulders and the thighs. This is one of the most unique we have on the list.

This design can be replicated on Wooter.

#16 Blue and White Waves

Just like its soothing blue-and-white color scheme and hypnotic wave-like patterns, it reminds you of an incoming huge wave ready to swallow anything on its way.

Designs like this one are all available on Wooter.

#17 Black Base and Metallic Gold Outlines

With its mysterious and elegant black-and-gold combo, this uniform may just intimidate and outshine any opponents.

This style can be made for you on Wooter.

#18 Buff Padded Green

A sturdy green and white uniform with a warrior’s build, truly befitting for a sport like Football.

This outfit can be copied on Wooter.

#19 Enchanting Green


Football is an action-oriented activity, therefore a green colored jersey, which can be interpreted as a “go signal” or “taking action”, is befitting for the sport.

Wooter will sell you this design for a reasonable price.

#20 Pure White 


For a messy sport like football, when a white jersey gets dirt, it does not become dirty, rather it simply becomes more real and authentic.

White schemed jerseys are available on Wooter.

#21 Sunshine


You can easily steal the spotlight with this bright yellow jersey. 

This color scheme can be built and customized even more on Wooter.





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