Best Basketball Warm Up Suit Design Ideas in 2022

Let us have a look at some of the coolest tracksuit design ideas we can have in 2022.

#1 Two-Fourth Blue Striped 

Image Source: Pinterest

This design is a courtesy from Nike. It features a simple navy blue base and some shooting star stripes.

This style can be replicated and customized on Wooter.

#2 Canada Themed

Image Source: Pinterest

Sometimes in life all you need is a Canadian themed tracksuit and you’re golden.

Have yours customized and built on Wooter.

#3 Black Base Red Linings

Image Source: Pinterest

A black base with red linings, nothing special but somehow it looks awesome.

This design can be easily bought and copied on Wooter.

#4 Black to Purple Saturation

Image Source: Pinterest

A simple black to purple color shifting gives this tracksuit a unique fit.

Wooter offers all sorts of custom built clothing design including this outfit.

#5 Greenlined Grey

Image Source: Pinterest

Simple but elegant.

Available on Wooter.

#6 Plaid Vintage

Image Source: Pinterest

This 1970s style is still looking great in 2022. These guys got creative and applied the plaid design from polo to tracksuit.

This design can be made on Wooter for a reasonable price.

#7 Color Saturation and Plain Yellow Wordings

Image Source: Youtube

Clothes with gradient colors are always stylish no matter what time it is. But if ever you feel elegance in simplicity, you can always just go simple like seen on right.

These designs are all available on Wooter.

#8 Different Style Combo

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Image Source: Youtube

These kinds of designs fit the word “modern taste”. However, designs like these might not look good if too many people are wearing them at the same time though.

Modern designs are all available and customizable on Wooter.

#9 Camo-esque

Image Source: Pinterest

I can’t stop getting glances on this suit, it’s way too fabulous.

If you need one, be sure to visit Wooter to have yours built.

#10 Toplined

Image Source: Pinterest

A suit that covers simple linings on the tops.

This design can be easily replicated and bought on Wooter.

#11 Tiger Skin

Image Source: Pinterest

This is the kind of tracksuit we recommend if you really wanna look different.

3d printed stuff like this are available on Wooter.

#12 Hooded White Blue Green Toplined

Image Source: Pinterest

Basically a similar entry to the 8th but this one features a colored sleeve and a hoodie.

Be sure to check Wooter if you are interested in having a similar design like this one.

#13 Modern Fits

Image Source: Pinterest

Simply throw in a mixture of colors and parallelogram shapes and then baam! You have created a modern style tracksuit design.

These designs can be replicated and customized even more on Wooter.

#14 Triangular Cloak

Image Source: Pinterest

We do not recommend wearing the tops without the bottom pair because we don’t want you to lose 50% of the drip.

Have a similar design built for you on Wooter.

#15 Limb Colored

Image Source: Pinterest

A fit style tracksuit designed by Nike. As the title says, the limbs are colored while the body has a simple white base. Perfect for minimalists.

Wooter will offer you a tracksuit design just like this one.



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