Best Basketball Uniform Design Ideas in 2022

Let us have a look at some of the coolest basketball jersey design ideas we have in 2022. We are going to be listing these uniforms by category. We will be picking out some of the best designs taken from the NBA and some custom built jerseys.

NBA Jersey Designs

#1 Atlanta Hawks

This Atlanta Hawks jersey doesn’t present anything extravagant, just a yellow base and some linings with the red hawk printed at the middle. Even still, it is one of the most beautiful designs the team ever had.

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#2 Boston Celtics

A black green plain jersey featuring a neon-like outer lining, this jersey keeps things simple for the Boston Celtics without having to sacrifice too much for printing designs.

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#3 Brooklyn Nets 

The Brooklyn Nets Nike City Edition gear have retro flare intended to celebrate the NBA’s 75th Anniversary. According to Aaron Cain, in honor of the Brooklyn’s legacy, Nike designed these uniforms with smooth well-groomed look that only the Nets could contrive with craft.

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#4 Charlotte Hornets

Being the first U.S. Branch Mint in history, this year the Hornets put emphasis on design elements giving heed to the team’s history and evolution by making multi-colored pinstripes and vertical gradations of hexagonal wax cell patterns contributed from the Charlotte Coliseum’s court design.

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#5 Washington Wizards

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Unveiling Washington Wizards’ City Edition uniform for the season 2022-2023, the new jersey shows admiration to the city’s iconic cherry blossoms having based the uniform from the flower’s natural color of pink added with pleasant cherry blossom silhouettes on the side, accented with white thoroughly with a deep blue ombre on the shorts symbolizing the peak period on the water of the tidal basin.

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#6 Chicago Bulls

The Michael Jordan red Chicago Bulls jersey will always remain as one of the most iconic jersey designs in NBA history. The uniform’s intricate details recounts the legend of one of the most iconic sports franchises on the record. Design features the Chicago scripts and the three color trim that are exceptionally Bulls.

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#7 Golden State Warriors

This Golden State Warriors Nike NBA City Edition Uniform for seasons 2021-2022 reflects the team’s perseverance in growth and improvements. Inspired by the team’s famous Town jerseys is its base color black and the “Bay Bridge” logo enclosed by lay outs on all sides says of the team’s old home, the Oracle Arena’s roof. The lightning bolts on the uniform’s side indicate virtue to the Warriors of the late 2000s.

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#8 Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets new jersey was inspired by Nike from the road jerseys attire of the team during its championship seasons. Across the chest the huge wording “Houston” goes together with the pinstripe theme and continues down to the shorts and combines with the Rockets logo.

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#9 Los Angeles Lakers

For Lakers, the primary color they used is purple emerging from the late 1960’s, the stars on the sides of the number signifies the groundbreaking Minneapolis Lakers and the shorts mixed with baby blue was from its original championship teams in Minneapolis.

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#10 Miami Heat

The Miami Heat’s City Edition uniform for the 2021-2022 NBA season is as vibrant as the city where it plays, they designed the colorful vibrant NBA uniform to show recognition of that history of winning championships on the court and defining culture off of it.

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#11 Milwaukee Bucks

From Kareem, to Oscar, to Giannis’ rich history of Milwaukee, this jersey pays tribute by showing the classic “Bucks” across the chest embodied with a whopping deer.

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#12 New Orleans Pelicans

The New Orlean’s Nike themed jersey is a silky rendition of the team’s ball game.

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#13 New York Knicks

One of the best and coolest designs made for the Knicks was a darkest green-blue jersey with full blue side highlights. This jersey complements the house theme perfectly for the Knicks.

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#14 San Antonio Spurs

A simple white red and light blue colors mismatched into a jersey design was one of the best looking jerseys the San Antonio Spurs ever got.

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#15 Minnesota Timberwolves

This Timberwolves jersey is bathed in a deep blue base and sky blue sidelines. It is a Nike themed jersey design and is deemed by many as one of the most prominent and coolest looking jerseys the Wolves ever used.

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#16 Portland Trail Blazers

Ah yes, the red white black theme from the Blazers, a true timeless classic. This type of design features a white base with red and black serving as intermediary middle color for the jersey. This type of design is seen many times during different NBA years and seasons.

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#17 Utah Jazz

This Nike themed design gives the Utah Jazz a nice punky and blocky jersey design. The one on the left is preferred if you decide to keep it simple.

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Custom-Built Street Jerseys

#1 Rainbow Striped City Skyline Patterns

A custom built rainbow styled jersey that features lines that seem to form skylines, this jersey is a classic to those with a bit of an artistic taste.

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#2 Green Brushstrokes

A monster themed greens tripped jersey that follows a brushstroke pattern, giving the design complementary highlights.

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#3 Spilled Paint

A type of design which features uncanny and chaotic displays of colors, perfect for giving that dashing look on a jersey.

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#4 Pink Camo

A tinted pink camo featuring black and pink colors, this type of design is more popular on women’s basketball.

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#5 Flowered Camo

Flowered camos which can be customized depending on what style and color the customer wants. This type of design is more favored in women’s basketball.

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#6 Plain Black and Yellow Tops

A simple and elegant black and yellow top and bottom design that gives off a culminating summit for those who likes to keep things simple without the expense for artistic value.

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#7 Basketball Beauties Volcanic 

A volcanic lava themed jersey worn by the Basketball Beauties team. This jersey gives a hot red go emotion to whoever wears it.

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#8 Basketball Beauties Yellow and Black

Flowery fractals complemented with yellow lining, this jersey is one the many jerseys made exclusively for the Basketball Beauties Team.

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#9 Glowing Red Midpoint

The glowing hot red midpoint  gives an apex theme symbolizing just what kind of hot shot a player is when he wears this kind of jersey design.

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#10 Pink Purple Blue Color Gradients

This design gives a washed out gradient between pink and blue allowing players to play with both confidence and style.

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