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Top 10 Expensive Sandals You Can Buy Online

#1 Gucci Women’s Sandals

As we can see, this pair of sandals is made with metallic gold leather and is embellished with the golden GG hardware.

You can buy this item on eBay for $122,517.00.

#2 Goush Wedge Sandals

Get this pair of sandals for your outdoor summer essentials! These sandals offer you full comfortability.

These sandals are the most expensive sandals on Amazon, priced from $13,557.04 to $14,095.99 depending on size.

#3 HERMES White Blanc Matte Niloticus Crocodile Himalaya Oran Slides Sandals

If you want something flat in which you can easily slip your feet on, then you should check them out.

This item is available for $10,820 on lstDibs with a 20% discount.

#4 Worlds End Rubber Sandals

Just by looking at their unique features, we can easily tell that they are very rare sandals.

These sandals are available on lstDibs for $8,692.95.

#5 Balenciaga Black And White Woven Leather Sandals

These elegant high-heeled sandals feature multiple buckle closures that extend below your knees, making them look like a boots.

You can purchase this product on lstDibs for $8,072.03.

#6 Alexander McQueen Sculpted Resin Sandals

You can add these luxurious golden sandals to your collection, for they could pass as an art piece. They feature sculpted resin leaves as their wedge heels.

You can buy them on eBay for $7,100.00.

#7 Martin Margiela Black Leather Tabi Sandals

No straps, just topless sandals that are designed to be worn with clear tape.

This pair of sandals is available on lstDibs for $6,209.25.

#8 Unreleased Adidas Kobe III Developmental Sample Sandals

These Adidas sandals in burgundy and white are designed for men.

These sandals are available on eBay for $5,199.99.

#9 Christian Louboutin JONATINA 100 PVC Ankle Strap Sandals

A high-heeled sandal featuring leopard prints and transparent vinyl with leather trim at the ankle strap.

These sandals are purchasable on eBay for $5,000.00.

#10 Dolce & Gabbana’s Gold Patent and Leather Mordore Embellished Sandals

These luxurious sandals are a sight to see.

Available on 1stDibs for $4,248.






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