Top 10 Most Expensive Games and Bundles on Steam 2022

#1 Ascent Free-Roaming VR Experience ($1029)

This game is a premium and high quality virtual reality game that is meant to be played with haptic technologies allowing you to feel almost everything that happens inside the game.

#2 Jack-O-Lantern Covers of Darkness ($1000)

A maze-horror game where you collect keys and avoid wizards in order to save the world from evil pumpkins, this game comes with a graphic similar to those in horror games playable for free on mobile phones.

#3 Fright ($1000)

Fright is literally just all about running around corrider and looking for keys and avoiding ghosts… that’s it. The graphic is also akin to a year 2000 counter strike game.

#4 Roller ($1000)

You pay 1000 dollar just to see a ball roll on some lines that changes color from time to time. Sounds like a pretty bad deal if you ask me.

#5 Claus Adventure ($289)

This is currently the most expensive platformer game on Steam.

#6 Chicken Coop ($234)

A pixel art game where you play as a rooster and throw eggs in the right direction.

#7 Maverick Legacy ($109)

A bundle of two games which is all about flying fighter jets in a simulation.

#8 Europa Universalis IV: Ultimate Bundle ($234)

This bundle features a collection of simulation/strategy games published by Paradox Interactive. It is one of the most expensive bundles sold on Steam.

#9 The Assassin’s Creed Bundle ($209)

An bundle consisting some of the older version of the Assassins Creed series from Odyssey and below.


This bundle is a collection of games that falls under the Call of Duty franchise and also some other games published under Activision.


All games were derived from the Steam Store


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