10 Weird And Expensive Things Being Sold At Ebay

#1 Iron Jail Cell Door ($1,350)

Insert this as a main door to your house and it will give burglars a dirty reminder or a haunting premonition of where they will be soon after.

It even comes with a working lock and key.

#2 Thief’s Crowbar ($2,000)

“Someone recently broke in my garage and stole all of my childhood handhelds, consoles and games. The stuff I had left from my childhood after I lost half of it when I was homeless. Im hoping someone out there could help me out. They were something I wanted to pass down to my kids. Now they’re all gone. They took well over what I’m asking. The Thief left his crowbar. Police didn’t want it and can’t help me get anything back.” – poor guy

#3 Master’s Degree Certificate ($5,000)

Selling your master’s degree gives a clear definition that you’ve hit rock bottom. 

#4 Rent me for 24 hours and make me do anything you need ($900)

It seems like slavery is back in action, but this time it is actually very lucrative.

#5  Kozyrev Mirror ($500)

Rumor has it that once you step inside this mirror you will come out a different person.

#6 1941 Mack Fire Truck ($5000)

It still has everything including the hoses, ladder, and siren.

#7 Society for Scientific Inquiry of Paranormal Atmospheric and Cosmic Anomalies ($500)

This book which deals with extra-terrestrials and paranormal was found in an abandoned storage somewhere. Seller claims that it is the only known book copy available for sale.

#8 Salem License to Perform Exorcism ($499)

The Salem witch trials was one of the most spectacular display of human vices, conducting a series of persecutions while using “witchcraft” as a scapegoat to fuel the insanity caused by fear, greed, and deceit. It is hard to believe that the people who participated in the so called “exorcism” actually had legal rights to do so and they even had this license to do such acts.

Be careful if you decide to buy this item, it might be haunted.

#9 Genuine Bison Buffalo Hide Mittens ($555)

A legit buffalo hide mittens being sold at eBay. This can be gifted to someone who thinks they have everything.

#10 Billy the Kid Photograph ($10,000,000)

An antique tintype photo of Billy the Kid being sold on eBay, Billy was one of the most notorious outlaws in Western America back in the 19th century.


All items were taken from eBay.


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