11 Most Expensive Gym Equipment You Can Buy On Amazon

#1 DSFEOIGY Dumbbell Bench ($12,000)

An adjustable dumbbell bench can be used for a lot of abdominal training and they typically cost around $150 dollar. This DSFEOIGY bench is being sold at such mysterious astronomical price even Scooby Doo couldn’t figure out.

#2 Jacobs Ladder Step Machine ($5,999.00)

It’s time to step your exercise game up. Literally.

#3 METIS Dumbbell Rack Sets ($499.99)

A complete set of weight for all your dumbbell needs.

#4 TOE Water Rowing Machine ($4,219)

Currently the number 1 most expensive rowing machine listed on Amazon. It comes with an ultra silent and LED display mode made perfectly for home gym workouts.

#5 Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station ($2,489.25)

A multipurpose exercise machine that can be used at home, the gym, the office, and anywhere else. It features a pull-up bar for your biceps and back muscles, as well as a dip station for your shoulders and chest.

#6 Intelligent Upper And Lower Limb Rehabilitation Device ($1,422.99)

This equipment is used to improve your limb coordination and walking ability.

#7 Hydraulic Stepper ($1,324.80)

It is ideal for exercising your lower body, particularly your joints, and does not require much effort. If you want a low cardio workout, you should try it out.

#8 Vertical Climber ($1,196.99)

This equipment is ideal for a full-body workout that can burn a lot of calories in a single session.

#9 Kettlebell Adjustable ($1,129.73)

Kettlebells are also good equipment for faster calorie loss.

#10 Wgwioo Electric Inversion Table ($1,096.90)

Working a lot is very stressful, but with this equipment, you can make your body relax and be more flexible. You can have this equipment at home as it is foldable and can be stored anywhere.

#11 Folding Motorised Treadmill ($909.90)

For faster weight loss, a treadmill is one of the exercise equipment you should use. It is also convenient for busy people who are short of time to go to the gym.


All products were taken directly from Amazon.


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