10 High-Quality and Expensive Make Ups You Will Find Online

#1 Skin Caviar Concealer + Foundation

A two-in-one product, featuring two of the most important essential parts of your make-up routine in just one make up container!

It’s one of the expensive make ups on Nordstrom, being sold for $275.00.

#2 Rouge Louboutin Lip Colour Collection

With this collection, you can get yourself lipsticks with three different finishes in one purchase.

This collection is available on Nordstrom for $270.00.


Stay your skin hydrated with this multipurpose make-up product from Chanel, which can be used as moisturizer, primer, and illuminator.

On Nordstrom, you can purchase this for $270.00.

#4 Artistique Face Brush

In case you’re short of make-up brushes and want a good quality one, then you should check this out.

For $250.00, this is purchasable on Nordstrom.

#5 Valentino Go-Clutch Refillable Compact Finishing Powder

After applying foundation, you can use this as a finishing powder or as a bronzer if you want to add tan and minimize shine on your face.

You can have this at a price of $205.00 on Nordstrom.

#6 Couture Color Clutch Eyeshadow Palette

Typically, eyeshadow is a necessary component of any makeup look because it offers you a dashing and distinctive appearance.

This is available to purchase on Nordstrom for $150.00.

#7 ADVANCED Eyelash Conditioner

Make your eyelashes look longer and thicker without false lashes using this product.

You can bought this for $150.00 on Nordstrom.

#8 LOrchidee Highlighter Blush

The shinier you look, the more attention you get!

This highlighter brush will give that necessary shine you need.

You can have this for $120.00 on Nordstrom.

#9 The Lip Volumizer

Made to be paired with a lip colour cosmetic allowing you to have glossy and moisturized looking lips.

You can find and purchase this product on Blue Mercury at a price of $85.

#10 Rose Hermes – Silky Blush Powder

This powder offers flush of colors in your cheeks giving you a fake younger looking skin.

This is being sold for $78.00 on Nordstrom.





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