10 Expensive Luxury Figurines With The Highest Bidding Price

#1 Madhuchista Vidhana ($24,684)

Made out of bronze, this 62 inch free-standing Indian figurine is the most expensive figurine listed on Amazon. It costs over $24,684.

#2 Porcelain Lladro Bridal Carriage ($17,000)

This incredibly detailed figurine is said to capture the very first precious moments of marriage. Just like the marriage itself, having one of these can cost a real fortune.

#3 Lladro Winged Beauty ($17,172)

A luxury collectible depicting a human with golden and jewelled Egyptian-esque wings, this 50 pound sculpture comes with a price that only the richest can afford.

#4 Pyrite Cluster on Basalt ($15,000)

Taken from Navajun, Spain, this collectible item includes a cubic shaped fool’s gold embedded on top of a volcanic stone.

#5 Golden King Kong ($9,999)

A gold shaded gorillia embedded with multiple swavorski crystals, the shop claims that you may officially call this a golden-back gorilla.

#6 Soaring Eagle ($9,900)

A soaring eagle made out of aluminum and brass. This Jay Strongwater figurine is finessed with 18k gold topped with glistening Swarovski crsytals.

#7 Gold Etched Spanish Knight ($4,999)

This 78 inch armored knight figurine is made out of steel alloy and it weighs over 49 pounds.

#8 Pink Apophyllite ($4,500)

Taken from Maharashtra, India, this quartz crystal doesn’t bear any resemblance of it being manufactured at all.

#9 Medieval Chess Set ($3,400)

A chess set handmade from Spain. This set features an old, classic style of how chess was played during medieval times.

#10 Barite Crystal ($10,000)

One of the finest barite crystal formation ever found in decades, this cluster was taken from Morocco and is being sold at astronomical price even though barite crystals aren’t that expensive.


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