Vagabond Character Ages and Heights


Data Chart 

Musashi Miyamoto~285’11
Matahachi Honiden~28~5’7
Kojiro Sasaki17~6’2


Musashi Miyamoto is one of the main characters in the Vagabond manga. He was born with the name Shinmen Takezo, but he changed it afterward. His character is a well-known legendary samurai. Musashi was 17 years old at the start of the manga, and later on turned 21, as revealed on the wiki. However, according to them, after the Yoshioka arc, he is around the age of 28. Furthermore, he was said to be a historical figure, regarded as one of the greatest swordsmen in Japanese history. His adult height was derived from the wiki.

Matahachi Honiden is Musashi’s childhood friend. According to his characterwiki, he was a 17-year-old boy at the start of the manga and later turned 21. However, we estimate that he and Musashi are the same age, as they both aged the same at the beginning. His height is not listed on the wiki, but based on this image, we approximate that he is 5 ft 7 in, as he looks shorter than Musashi.

Kojiro Sasaki’s age was taken from his character wiki made by the fandom. His height is unavailable, but it was stated that he was a bit taller than Musashi. With that and this image, we estimate that he is 6 ft. and 2 in. tall.

Otsu is Musash’s another childhood friend.I According to a post discussion from Reddit, Otsu appeared to be 17 years old at first, like Musashi and Matahachi. With that, we estimate she is the same age as them. Her height was approximated using this image. 

Jotaro‘s age when he firstly appeared on the manga was about 10, but on Hosokawa arc, he was about 15, as revealed in the wiki. His height was not present on the wiki, but based on this image, Jotaro seems to stand at a height of 4’3.


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