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Top 10 Most Expensive Surgical Operations

Heart-Lung Transplant

Yes, it is possible to transplant two organs at the same time! However, it could be very risky and complex. The total cost of this surgery is an exorbitant price of $1,500,000.

At UC San Diego Medical Center, they perform this kind of operation.

Heart Transplant

Having a problem in your heart can surely make a hole in your wallet or, most probably, your bank account, for it costs around $1,300,000.

If you need to have this surgery, you can visit any of the Mayo Clinic hospitals.

Lung Transplant

According to Transplants, a single lung transplant costs over $929,600, while a double lung transplant costs $1,295,900.

UCSF Medical Center offers this operation.

Intestinal Transplant

Yes, intestines can be transplanted. As we have read on Blog Stride, the average cost for this operation rises to $1,206,800.

One of the hospitals that performs this surgery is the UCSF Medical Center.

Liver Transplant

The total cost of this surgery, considering all the factors before and after the surgery, is about $800,000.

For a liver transplant, you can visit any of the Mayo Clinic hospitals.

Bone Marrow Transplant

The high cost of this operation, which ranges from $300,400 to $676,000, is mostly because of laboratory testing.

The Mayo Clinic is considered the best in this surgical program.

Pancreas Transplant

Replacing your problematic pancreas with a healthy one will set you back $618,000.

Mayo Clinic hospitals also have this program for people who need pancreas transplants.

Kidney Transplant

This is a very common, yet very complicated and expensive procedure. It costs around $400,000 due to its complexity.

You can visit the Mayo Clinic hospitals for a kidney transplant.

Open Heart Surgery

It is also very complex and risky, involving the installment of an artificial valve. That is why it rises to the cost of $324,000.

You can visit the Cleveland Clinic for this program.


Last but not the least is the Tracheostomy. This operation involves the trachea (windpipe) being surgically operated. According to Health Cost Helper, its cost starts from $10,000 to $150,000 or even higher, depending on several factors.

This surgical program is available at Mayo Clinic.



UC San Diego


Mayo Clinic


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