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10 of the Most Expensive Perfumes You’ll Find Online


A 1.97-meter-tall, opulent bottle housing its liquid was crafted of pure silver, 18-karat gold, glittering diamonds, topaz, and pearls. With a smoking hot price of $1,162,826.07 USD, you may get this on Exclusive and Unique Australia.


A spray fragrance from Chanel, in a limited edition deluxe flacon. You can buy it on Chanel for $3,500.

Amorem Rose Parfum

A Shalini Perfume, presented in a 30 mL Lalique Crystal Flacon, a unique styled bottle that just screams “luxury.” This perfume can be purchased on Bergdorf Goodman for $3,000.

Haute Luxe

It is an extraordinary creation by Roja Dove, as it is made by the rare materials he loves the most. It can be purchased on Roja Parfums for £2,500.00 or $3,008.84.


It is a product of Parfum Boadicea The Victorious. It has just a very simple bottle, but it is elegant due to its color. It also emblazes a rearing stallion in its center. You can have this on Oligarch for $1,625.

Love is in the Air Limited Edition

A perfect gift for perfume lovers. Its bottle can be collectable as it is made of gemstones and other unique elements. It can be purchased on Bergdoorf Goodman for $1,210.

Oud Princess Royal

It is a floral and feminine fragrance for women. It can be purchased on Bergdoorf Goodman for $1,395 in a limited quantity, due to high demand.

Tubereuse Neu

This fragrance was created by Tom Ford and is presented in a chess-piece-looking flacon with gilded accents. You can check this out on Bergdoorf Goodman for $1,200.

Chypre Extraordinaire Parfum

Another Roja perfume, perfect for all the Chypre scent lovers out there. It is being sold for $1,865 on Bergdoorf Goodman.

Clive Christian No. 1

A fragrance that is intended to be the most expensive and unique fragrance for both men and women. 1.6 oz of the No. 1 perfume for men may be purchased on for $538.45; for women, it can be purchased on FragranceX for $509; both sites applied coupons.




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Australia’s Unique Luxury Marketplace


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