Monsters Inc. Characters: Height and Ages


Data Chart

James Sullivan7’8~28
Mike Wazowski4’0~28
Randall Boggs~1’0~28


#1 James Sullivan

According to the Pixar Fandom, James Sullivan was 18 years old during the Monsters University movie. They then estimated that due to the time skip in Monsters Inc., James should now be at the age of 28 or at least around that age.

James Sullivan is represented as a big, hulky, hairy cyan monster with purple dots, horns, and blue eyes.

#2 Mike Wazowski

Mike Wazowski’s height was taken from a Celebrity article. His age was estimated by the fandom.

Mike Wazowski is represented as a round, green monster with cyclopean eyes. He is also a character in Kingdom Hearts 3. He was protagonist in Monsters University and the deuteragonist in Monster Inc.

#3 Boo

According to Wikipedia, in Monsters Inc, Boo is a 2 year old toddler. Her height was estimated by placing him next to Mike Wazowski and other monsters.

In Monster Inc., Boo is a child who wanders into the the monster world. The film revolves around James Sullivan trying his best to protect Boo and bring her back to the human world.

#4 Randall Boggs

Randall Boggs’ height was taken from a discussion thread in Boggs Board. His age, according to the fandom, is set to be around the same age as Mike Wazowski and James Sullivan.

Randall is a lizard monster, probably a chameleon or a gecko, and in Monster Inc., he is one of the main antagonists.  Randall is also a character in Kingdom Hearts 3.

#5 Roz

Roz’s age was estimated based on her looks. She looks like a grouchy old school principal that is probably in her 60s. Her height was estimated by placing her next to James Sullivan and other monsters.

#6 Celia Mae

Celia is the girlfriend of Mike Wazowski. She appears to be around the height of 6’9 when placed besides Sullivan. Her age was taken from Pixar fandom.


Picture used to approximate the heights of the characters

Disney Fandom

Pixar Fandom

Bogg’s Board


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