10 Expensive Bags James Charles Have In His Closet

James Charles is a YouTuber, influencer, and make-up artist who rose to prominence as a result of his fantastic and remarkable make-up ideas and content.

In one of his Instagram reels, he showed us his bag collection in his closet. For those who want to collect, here are 10 of the most expensive bags he has in his closet that can be purchased from various online shops!

#1 Green Jacquemus Le Chiquito Noeud Bag

This bag is made of a very earthy green leather. It has a knotted carry handle clasped with a press stud tab that is adjustable and very stylish. Its “Jacquemus” logo is also eye-catching due to its shiny, golden tone.

This can be found on SSENSE for $840. However, it is currently out of stock.

#2 Gucci Hourglass Bag by Balenciaga

A very fashionable collaboration bag, as seen on the outside, this bag features the Gucci monogram on its coated canvas material and also the B signature of Balenciaga on the center. On the inside, it features a Balenciaga monogrammed canva.

This bag is on sale for $7,971 on Tradesy.

#3 Jacquemus Le Sac Rond Bag

This purse bag is made up of smooth leather that has a magnetic flap, a circular top handle, and a Jacquemus logo on the center. This can be a handbag or a shoulder bag, as its shoulder strap is detachable.

You can have this bag on The Corner for $910.00.

#4 Balenciaga Crystal Hourglass Bag

Check out how luxurious and extravagant this piece of art is. James Charles didn’t miss his chance to add this bag to his collection.

If you also want this one, you can check it out on Carousell for a whopping price of $7,410 SG or $5,339.64 US.

#5 Baton Bag Yuzefi

This bag featured the look of a loaf. It is a brown leather bag with a detachable gold chain and a small Yuzefi logo at the base.

It can be bought on Smallabe for €301.20 or $307.59 with 40% off.

#6 Le Ciuciu Jacquemus Khaki Bag

This bag is ideal for any natural-colored outfit. It is a rectangular box bag with a detachable leather top handle and silver chain that can be worn in a variety of ways.

This bag can be found on Shopbop for $1,115.00, but it is currently out of stock.

#7 Jacquemus e Le Chiquito Bag

The Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag is similar to the Noeud bag in style. With its brilliant turquoise color, it will undoubtedly stand out and catch people’s attention.

On FWRD, this can be purchased for $637.

#8 Jacquemus Pink Le Bello Croc Print Bag

He also has this small but eye catching bag that can dress up any outfit. It also appears to be very feminine due to its color.

Poshmark is selling it for $325.

#9 Birkin Hermes

Judging by its elegant appearance, it is undoubtedly expensive. Wearing this bag can show others that you have a refined and expensive taste without actually telling them.

It is available on eBay for $11,000.00.

#10 Hourglass Croc Embossed Bag in White by Balenciaga

This bag looks absolutely stunning when paired with other outfits. However, the price tag for this one might also leave you stunned.

This bag is available at Balenciaga for $2,950.


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