Cara Delevingne’s House Tour | Expensive Items Found Inside

In case you didn’t know, supermodel Cara Delevingne owns a fantastic place located in Los Angeles.

In this article, we are going to check out some of the expensive items found inside this home she owns.

Special thanks to Architectural Design for uploading the house tour video on Youtube.

White Sofa

Inside the living room of the house is a gorgeous white sofa.

We did a quick research about it and we found a similar item, although there’s a little difference.

It is called Kensington Leather Sofa. It can be bought at Perigold for the price of $2,760.

Sitting Room Dining Chairs

Green dining chairs can be found in her sitting room. These chairs are very stylish, and it has this modern but also somewhat antique vibe.

A similar item can be bought at 1st Dibs at $2,432.28 per set.

Gucci Wallpaper

A pink Gucci Wallpaper can be seen printed with swans on her sitting room wall.

This wallpaper can be bought on Gucci at a price of $570.00.


There is a fantastic golden chandelier in her dining room, which is made up of several round lighting holders.

 We found a similar item of it on Circa Lighting, and it can be purchased at a price of $12,900.

Round Antique Table

An antique round table can be spotted inside her games room, placed a little bit further from the see-through piano.

A similar antique table called Baroque round table is available to purchase on 1st Dibs at a price of $3,949.86.

Wurlitzer See-Through Piano

Cara also talks about her see-through piano branded with Wurlitzer. It appears to be a crystal-like piano made out of glass.

This piano is available and can be purchased at a price of $27, 495.00 on A440 Pianos.

Webspun Table and Chairs

Next to her bedroom is the garden sanctuary, her place to relax.

Within it lies voguish webspun table and chairs, which all looks pretty amazing and stylish.

These webspun table and chairs can be bought 1st Dibs at a price of $895 per set.

Poker Room Chairs

After showing her costume room, she then showed her poker room. Inside her poker room, we can see a black and red colored dining chairs.

These Vintage Dining Chair can be purchased per set at Pamono, for a price of $5,185.

Della Vite Champagne

In her mini bar, the Della Vite champagne was shown. Della Vite champagne was originally created by the Delevingne sisters, so obviously it is also Cara Delevingne’s wine!

This wine was first released in the UK.

It is available to purchase on Reserve Bar for $34.00.


A polycade which contains almost all old-school arcade games can be seen just next to her musical instruments section.

Polycade is a machine where you can play arcade games. We found a similar item of it on Polycade, and it can be purchased at a price of $4,999.


Inside Cara Delevingne’s Fantastical L.A. Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest


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