These Expensive Perfumes Are Made Out Of Whale Poop!

Ambergris is a substance vomited by sperm whales and it is used to make expensive perfumes. One pound of ambergris can be sold at a price of $10,000!

Perfume makers use ambergris as a vital ingredient when formulating perfumes.

These perfumes will be listen down below along with a link where they can be purchased. (Be sure to have a translator for your browser because most of these links are Italian)

Black Nigelle Intense

Also known as Noir de Nigelle L’Intense, the Black Nigelle has an Amber fragrance that is said to be luxurious, bewitching, and is clothed in gold.

This perfume is one of the new ones that came out in 2022. Ambergris is one of its ingredients perfectly formulated and synthesized in order to create the right scent.

Black Nigelle Intense can be bought on Nigelle Pur for the price of around $230.

Sublimiza Mood Parfums

Also known as Mood Bruno Perrucci Parfums Sublimizia Extract, this perfume was produced by Profumix Luxury Perfumes, a perfume company located in Modena, Italy.

The Sublimiza Mood Parfums promises a caramel, lemon-dill, cegar fragrance.

This perfume can be bought on Ebay for the price of around $170.

Rose Highland by Jorum Studio

According to the Jorum Studio product description, this perfume is said to be “a paper cut-out of a rose, tossed in saline air and blasted on jagged coastline rocks.”

This perfume is purchasable on the Jorum Studio Product Website for around $85.

Murice Imperiale Cristian Cavagna

According to the first sentence line from Fragrantica, the fragrance of this perfume is quoted “Riding the waves of the see, braving sea monsters, the tuberose cried in the rain and dried in the sun”.

The Murice Imperiale by Cristian Cavagna is a unisex perfume, it was created by Arturetto Landi and Cristian Cavagna.

100 ml of this perfume is purchasable on for $224.

Ambre Magique Mizensir

The Ambre Magique is a perfume launched in 2022 and it has an amber fragrance. Created by Alberto Morilla, this perfume oozes vibrant rose, ambergris and cardamom that will stick to your clothes without being too aggressive.

100 ml of this perfume can be purchased for around $300 on Misenzer Geneve.

Arrogance Rose Rebel by Arrogance

Arrogance Rose Rebel is a fragrance for women. It has a fruity and flowery scent that captures feminine elegance.

30 ml of the Arrogance Rose is available on IdeaProfumi for only $13.


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