The Sea Beast: Sailor and Pirate Outfits Seen in the Movie

White Medieval Shirt and Red Cotton BeltAmazon White Shirt 

Amazon Red Belt
Leather Studded VestAmazon
Frock Coat and BeltAmazon Frock Coat 

Amazon Belt
Waistcoat and Pink Long Sleeve UndershirtAmazon Waistcoat 

Amazon Pink Long Sleeve

Product Descriptions

White Medieval Shirt and Red Cotton Belt – Wearing a white shirt is a great way to combat the heat and improve visibility while at sea. Pair the shirt with a fancy red cloth as a belt and you will start to look like a real medieval sailor.

Leather Vest – A real combatant at sea would know full well that being struck with a sword on the chest is not fun when you don’t have a thick vest on you.

Frock Coat and Belt – Typically during rainy and cold seasons, mariners would try to coat themselves as much as possible by stuffing the neck with some garments and wearing long coats that are resistant to rainfall.

Coats are traditional sailor-wears back in the day. These thick coats will protect the sailor from cold winds and heavy rain.

Additionally, the tightening of the waist using a cloth is done so that the coat will not fly with the wind and cause rain to fall inside the underwear.

Tailcoat – Wearing a tailcoat while on your ship is a nice way of telling the crew that you are the captain without actually telling them that you are the captain.

Waistcoat and Pink Long Sleeve as Undershirt – Waistcoats are awesome to look at, but when you combine a waistcoat with a nice complementary undershirt, it becomes double awesome to look at.



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