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Kung Fu Panda Voice Actors | Where Are They Now?

Jack Black

Image Source: and IMDb

Po’s character was voiced by Jack Black in all three Kung Fu Panda movies since 2008, as well as its short films. According to his Wikipedia profile, Black is an actor, comedian, singer, songwriter, and Youtuber.

In 2017, he took part as Professor Sheldon in the famous Jumanji film.

According to Deadline, Black will reprise his role as Po in the new Netflix animated series “Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight.”

Jackie Chan

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The legendary Jackie Chan was the voice actor for Monkey in Kung Fu Panda. Chan is a very popular actor in action-comedy movies.

He involves himself with doing stunts and martial arts. He has been in a lot of films such as The Karate Kid.

According to IMDb, Chan is back with his new comedy movie Ride On which will be released on December 21 2022.

James Hong

Image Source: and IMDb

The character of Mr. Ping, who is Po’s adoptive father, was voiced by James Hong.

Hong is an actor, producer, and writer.

As of right now, Hong is involved with the new Kung Fu Panda Netflix series. He will also reprise his role as Ping, as stated in an article from Deadline.

Seth Rogen

Image Source: and IMDb

The small and terrible Mantis was voiced by Seth Rogen. 

Seth Rogen is an actor, comedian, and a writer.

Rogen is well known for voice acting as other characters in popular animated films like Pumbaa from Lion King, B.O.B from Monster vs Aliens, and Morton in Dr. Seuss Horton Hears a Who

In 2022, Rogen appeared in the Netflix Series “The Boys” season 3.

Currently, it seems like Seth Rogen is on a busy schedule as he is working as an executive and main producer for several films according to IMDb.

He is also currently involved in the filming of Gen V, a comedy TV series.

Lucy Liu

Image Source: and IMDb

Liu is the voice behind Viper. It was mentioned in her character fandom that Liu also voiced Silvermist in the Tinker Bell series.

According to Wikipedia, She will be voice acting Callisto Mal in the film “Strange World”.

She will also be acting as Kalypso in “Shazam! Fury of the Gods”, an action-adventure-comedy film sequel to the 2019 Shazam!

Angelina Jolie

Image Source: and IMDb

The voice behind Tigress belongs to the actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian; Angelina Jolie.

According to Variety, Jolie will write, direct, and produce the film “Without Blood”, which stars Salma Hayek Pinault and Demain Bichir.

Dustin Hoffman

Image Source: and IMDb

The voice of Master Shifu was brought to life by Dustin Hoffman, an actor and a filmmaker.

According to IMDb, he was involved in the film “As They Made Us”.

Hoffman is currently doing a self-documentary called Johnny’s Inferno.


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