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Adventure Time Voice Actors | Where Are They Now?

#1 John DiMaggio

Image Source: and IMDb

Jake in Adventure Time is voiced by John DiMaggio. 

John is an actor, voice actor, comedian and a producer. Aside from voicing Jake, he is also known for voicing a variety of characters in other animations like The Loud House, Middlemost Post, and Futurama.

He is currently part of the cast in the video game called MultiVersus, serving as Jake’s voice. This video game is currently in development and is set to release this July 2022.

According to Deadline, John DiMaggio will be reprising his role as Bender’s voice actor in the Futurama revival this 2023.

#2 Jermey Shada

Image Source: and IMDb

Shada is the voice behind Finn. 

Jeremy Shada is an actor, voice actor, singer and musician.

Aside from Adventure Time, Jeremy had some iconic involvement with animations like [Voltron: Legendary Defender], [Dragon:The Nine Realms], and [Julie and the Phantoms].

Jeremy is currently managing his career as a musician.

He recently posted on Tiktok, confirming a fan comment that he will be releasing a new song.

According to IMDb, his most recent project is to provide the voice for Finn in the upcoming video game [MultiVersus].

#3 Tom Kenny

Image Source: and IMDb

Ice King was voiced by Tom Kenny.

Tom also voiced Simon and other characters in Adventure Time.

Tom Kenny is known for being the voice actor of SpongeBob.

According to his profile made by the fandom, Kenny is an actor, voice actor, and a comedian.

On IMDb, it was revealed that he will be working as the voice actor of Pinocchio in the film [Pinocchio] and as voice actor for Ozzy in [Bill Plympton Presents: Magnum Face]. Both of these films are currently in production.

#4 Hynden Walch

Image Source: and IMDb

Princess Bubblegum was brought to life by Hyndan Walch’s voice. Walch is an actress and a writer. She is also known as the voice actor of Starfire from Teen Titans.

Her current projects, according to IMDb, includes voicing Starfire in [Teen Titans, Go!] as well as some characters from [Young Justice].

#5 Niki Yang

Image Source: and gravityfalls fandom

On her Wikipedia profile, Niki Yang is mentioned as a South Korean writer, storyboard artist, animator and voice actress. She is the voice behind the character of BMO in Adventure Time.

Aside from Adventure Time, Yang also played her part in Gravity Falls and We Bare Bears.

She is currently working as the voice actress for Sylvia, from the We Baby Bears TV series.


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