Frozen Voice Actors | Where Are They Now?


Kristen Bell

Idina Menzel

Josh Gad

Jonathan Groff

Santino Fontana

#1 Kristin Bell 

Princess Anna of Arendelle is an optimistic main character. Her voice and character was brought to life by Kristen Bell, a professional actress and singer. 

In 2016, she also voiced Priscillia Tripetoe in there Disney animated feature film “Zootopia”. 

In 2019, she reprised the role of Anna in Frozen 2. 

This year (2022), Bell is starring in a brand-new Netflix series, “The Woman in the House Across The Street From the Girl in the Window”. 

#2 Idina Menzel

The iconic voice behind the mythical character of Elsa belongs to Idina Menzel, a well-known actress, singer, and songwriter. Menzel is famous for her work in musicals on the Broadway stage. 

She reprised Elsa’s character in the sequel ofthe film and in some tie-ins.

Menzel will reprise her role as Nancy Tremaine in the upcoming film “Disenchanted,” which will be released this November.

#3 Josh Gad

Gad was the voice behind the snowman Olaf. Gad is an actor, singer, and a comedian. He took part in “The Angry Bird Movie” as Chuck on 2016. 

As of right now, Josh Gad is poised to be a star in the upcoming Netflix series “Super Normal”.

#4 Jonathan Groff

Groff was the voice behind Kristoff in the film. In 2019, he reprised his role for Frozen 2 and released his original original song as one of the new soundtracks for the show.

Groff is keeping himself busy as he has been working as a cast in upcoming projects such as Molly and the Moon, the Netflix series “Lost Ollie” this year, and the horror movie “Knock at the Cabin” next year.

#5 Santino Fontana

He has been on Broadway and on web series before he even voiced Hans. Aside from being a stage actor, he is also a composer and a film director.

This year, he is scheduled to star in the stage adaptation of “The Pianist”.


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