What Are The Ages, Weights, And Heights Of The Characters In Johnny Bravo?



Johnny Bravo~20210 lbs6’3
Bunny Bravo60~152 lbs5’5
Little Suzy8~78 lbs~4’5
Carl Chrinyszzswics~21~156 lbs~5’10
Pops~60~164 lbs~6’0
The Jungle Boy2~27 lbs~2’8


Johnny Bravo’s age was not specified on his character wiki made by the fandom. He was only described as someone to be in his early twenties. Considering that he looks young, we estimate that he is still under or around the age of 20. His height and weight were both derived from the wiki. 

Bunny Bravo’s age and height are both available on her wiki made by the fandom. Her weight was calculated using an ideal BMI weight calculator, following Robinson’s formula. 

Little Suzy’s age was derived from her character wiki. As stated in her character wiki trivia, Suzy was planned to be a 6-and-a-half year old girl in the original season 2 series before the show was retooled. However, according to fans, Suzy is referred to as an eight-year-old in some episodes, considering that she is a 4th grader. Her height and weight were approximated based on the average height of girls her age. According to the CDC, 8-year-old girls should stand at around 4 feet and 3 inches and weigh about 78 pounds. 

Carl Chrinyszzswics’ age was not specifically given on his character wiki. He was simply described as someone who is in his early twenties, similar to Johnny. However, judging by the way he looks, he seems to be a bit older compared to Johnny. His height was approximated by comparing him with Johnny on the show. Carl seems to be a bit shorter than Johnny, standing at around 5 foot 10 inches. His weight was calculated via an ideal weight calculator. 

Pop’s exact age is not available in this wiki fandom profile; however fans estimate that pops must be in his 50s or 60, based on his appearance and considering the time he mentioned that he saw a badminton game back in 1948. We approximated his height to be around 6 feet, looking a bit shorter than Johnny. His weight was calculated by a BMI weight calculator. 

The Jungle Boy’s age was derived from his character wiki made by the fandom. His height was not given. We estimated his weight along with his height using the average height and weight for boys his age. A 2 year old boy should stand at a height of 30 4.2 inches (4’8) and weigh 27 lbs, as prescribed by the World Health Organization.


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