What Are The Heights, Ages, And Weight Of The Characters In Beavis And Butthead?



Beavis~15~131 lbs5’4
Tom Anderson~60250 lbs6’3
Stewart Stevenson~13~111 lbs5’0
Todd~20~165 lbs~6’0
David Van Driessen~40~144 lbs~5’7
Coach Buzzcut~40~200 lbs~6’2


Beavis’ age was taken from his character wiki made by the fandom. The fandom also states that Beavis stands at the height of 5’4. His weight was calculated via BMI tool.

Butthead’s age was taken from the wiki. His height was also obtained from the wiki. His weight was calculated via BMI tool.

Tom Anderson should be in his 60’s. This was estimated because of his involvement in the 2nd World War and the Korean War. Beavis and Butthead started airing at 1993, we assume that Tom was either conscripted or was enlisted when he was around 20 years old, making him 60 years old or more during the 1990s. His height and weight were both mentioned on the wiki.

Steward Stevenson seems to be a bit younger than Beavis and Butthead. By placing him next to Butthead, he looks to be 5 inch shorter than Butthead. That gives him a height of around 5 ft. His weight was estimated using an ideal weight BMI tool (with an upward deviation because he is fat).

Todd’s age was mentioned on the wiki. The wiki states that he is on his early 20s. Todd’s height was estimated to be around 6 or 7 inch taller than butthead. That gives him a height of around 6 ft. His weight was estimated using a BMI tool.

David Van Driessen is in his 40s, as mentioned on the wiki. By placing Van Driessen beside Butthead, he appears to be taller by an inch or two. That gives him a height of around 5’7. His weight was estimated via BMI tool.

Coach Buzzcut was said to be in his 40s, according to the wiki. We estimated his height by placing him relative to Butthead. It seems that Butthead is 9 inch shorter when compared to Buzzcut, giving Buzzcut an estimated height of 6’2. Buzzcut’s weight was calculated via BMI tool, with a considerable upward deviation considering his bulky and muscular body.


BMI Ideal Weight Tool

Beavis and Butthead Fandom


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