What Are The Ages, Weight, And Heights Of The Characters In Detective Conan



Shinichi Kudo~17~150 lbs5’8 ½ 
Conan Edogawa~6 ~33 lbs3’1
Ram Mouri17~115 lbs5’2
Kogoro Mouri37~164 lbs~6’0
Hattori Heiji17 ~134 lbs5’9 ½ 
Kazuha Toyama17~115 lbs5’2
Shiho Miyano18~111 lbs~5’1
Haibara Ai~7~36 lbs~3’2
Ayuma Yoshida7~32 lbs~3’0
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya7~47 lbs~3’8
Genta Kojima~6~80 lbs~4’5


Shinichi Kudo’s age and height are both derived from the wiki. Using his age, height, and gender, we calculate his weight using a BMI tool.

Conan Edogawa is the hidden identity of Shinichi Kudo. Conan looks to be around the age of 6 or 7, as mentioned on the wiki. He has a height of 95 cm. Conan’s weight was calculated using a BMI tool.

Ran Mouri’s height and age are from the wiki. Her weight was calculated via BMI tool.

Kogoro Mouri’s age is available on the wiki. His height was not mentioned however, it is stated in the wiki that he is a tall man. We estimate that he should be around 6’0 tall. When comparing him to Shinichi, he looks to be much taller, we can assume that his height should not fall as low as 5’8 ½ tall. His weight was calculated via BMI tool.

Hattori Heiji’s age, height, and weight were all mentioned on the wiki.

Kazuha Toyama’s age was taken from her character wiki. Her height is unavailable, however, it was stated that Kazuha has a build just like Ran, therefore, we assume that she should be about the same height as Ran. Ran and Kazuha are of the same age. Kazuha’s weight was calculated via a BMI tool.

Shiho Miyano’s age is available on the wiki. In an article from CDW Wiki, she was mentioned as a woman with average height. The average height of an 18-year-old girl in Japan is estimated to be 5’1. Her weight was calculated via BMI tool.

Haibara Ai is the hidden identity of Shiho Miyano. Haibara’s age was taken from the wiki. We estimate that she is a bit taller when compared to Conan. Her weight was calculated via BMI tool.

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya’s age was derived from his character wiki. His height was not specified. By placing him next to Ai, he appears to be much taller. We estimate his height to be around 3’8. We calculated his weight via BMI tool.

Genta Kojima’s age and weight are both available on the character wiki. His height was unspecified and was estimated by placing him together with Conan and other 6-7 year old kids. We estimate that he should be around 4’5 tall with respect to his given weight.


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