What Are The Ages, Weights And Heights Of The Characters In Made In Abyss?

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RikoPin on made in abyss12~57 lbs3’7
RegReg/Image Gallery | Made in Abyss Wiki | Fandom12Not Available3’6
NanachiNanachi | All Worlds Alliance Wiki | Fandom12~44 lbs3’2
Mitty12~44 lbs3’2


Rico’s age was taken from her character wiki made by the fandom. Her height, most probably, is 115 cm or 3 feet and 7 inches, as illustrated by a source from Reddit. Being a 12 year-old with a height of 3 feet and 7 inches, her weight was calculated using a BMI weight calculator, with results following the CDC chart for girls.

Reg’s age was indiscernible due to him being unable to remember his life before his encounter with Rico. However his age in the chart was based on Rico’s, since both of them seem to look around the same age. His height was derived from aa post on Reddit, where it shows that he is shorter than Rico and is 110 cm (3’6) tall. Despite his given height we cannot estimate his weight properly because of his body composition. Reg appears to be half human like and half robot. His body seems to made of special grade artifacts. Sometimes say that his body is lighter than he’s size, however, all of these are just speculations.

Nanachi’s real age was estimated by someone from Reddit, to be somewhere in between the late 20s and early 30s. Her age in the chart was speculated based on her appearance. Her height was taken from a source found on Reddit, demonstrating that Nanachi falls at a height of 130 cm (3’2) all without her ears or in human form. Her age is still not clarified, however most people suggest that she is a “she”. Her weight was calculated using a BMI ideal weight tool.

Mitty’s age is unavailable on the character wiki. She is said to be around the same age as Nanachi. However, someone from Reddit stated that all the child characters were roughly described to be around 12 years-old, if this is the case, then we can assume that Mitty should be around 12 years-old. Her height was derived from a height translated illustration posted on Reddit, where it was shown that she is 30 cm tall when she is in her amorphous form. We speculate that she should be around the same height as Nanachi in her human form.


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