Yor Forger: Height, Weight, Age, Outfits,Physical Appearance and Character Guide





General Description

Yor Forger (maiden name; Yor Briar) is an assassin working in an organization called Garden.

As an assassin, she is referred to as “Thorn Princess”.

She works as an ordinary clerk at Berlint City Hall while also leading a secret life as an assassin working for her organization, Garden.

During a situation wherein she had to present a lover to a party, she met with Loid Forger and asked him to pretend as her boyfriend.

One thing led to another and the two of them decided to get married, mainly due to the career benefits it mutually offers.

Physical Appearance


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Fair SkinN/AThe fair skin of Yor Forger is one of the attributes which adds up to her overall feminine look.

Her natural beauty caused other co-workers like Camilla to become jealous of her.
Long Black-Green HairBlack Synthetic WigYor Forger has distinguishable long black hair despite working as an assassin.

Long hairs are considered a liability  to combat personnels due to them swaying around and blocking eyesight during combat scenarios.

However, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for Yor.
Red EyesRed Eye ContactsRed eyes seem to appear as  an inherited trait within the Briar family. 

Yuri Briar, the younger brother of Yor Forger, is also known to have red eyes.

This kind of eye color can be a result of something called albinism.


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Has a height of ~5 ft 5 inHeight Boosting Foot InsolesApproximately, Yor Forger should be around at the height of 5 foot and 5 inches.

This was measured in an article where Loid and Yor’s height were compared when they were both standing together.
Slim and Muscular BodyN/AConsidering that Yor Forger works as an assassin, it is only logical to conclude that she has an athletic body type paired with her slim figure.

Her unnatural and brutish strength is a testament to this idea.
Weights at ~131 lbsN/ADespite weighing at only around 131 lbs, Yor Forger is capable of unimaginable strength, being known to knock out and even severely injure adult men with a single hit.
is at the age of 27N/AThe number 27 in angelic terms means reassurance and renewal.


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Red Dress (Home Outfit)Yor Forger Red DressYor Forger often wears a red dress when she is at home. 

The color red is probably a preference in favor of her work as an assassin.

Dark colors like red would hide bloodstains, making it less obvious for people to notice her killings.
Black Assassin (Thorn Princess) OutfitFull  Yor Forger Cosplay Outfit“Death comes for you now”


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Golden StilettosYor Forger Gold StillettoThe stiletto is  easily concealable, light, and stabs deep.

In other words, the stiletto is an assassin’s best friend.


Calm and CollectedExtremely Gullible
Goal-OrientedLacks common sense
PoliteWeak social skills





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