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Anya Forger: Height, Weight, Age, Outfits,Physical Appearance, Abilities and Character Guide








In the Spy x Family series, Anya Forger is a child that was adopted by Loid Forger.

She serves as the deuteragonist in the series.

She is formerly known as Test Subject 007.

After getting adopted, she was admitted to the school Eden Academy.

She is also a telepath, which means that she could read other people’s thoughts.



CharacteristicsProduct Purchase LinkGuide
Fair SkinYou can’t buy fair skin but you can buy Baby PowderNormally, a healthy child should possess fair and smooth skin no matter the ethnicity.
Medium Length Pink HairPink Synthetic WigThe color pink may symbolize kindness, love, and femininity.
Green EyesColoured ContactsIn real life, having green eyes is the result of a certain genetic mutation within the eye.


Height is 3ft 2in“Life is short, and so is Anya”
Age is approximately 5 years oldAnya’s age can only be approximated. 
Her 6 year old age status is forged and she probably doesn’t remember her real age.
Weighs approximately 35lbsShe weighs the same as a medium sized microwave!


Clothing NameProduct Purchase LinkGuide
Head Ribbon AccessoryAmazonRibbons are decorational accessories usually worn by kids.
Anya Upper Garment Cosplay SuitEbayThis garment is the same clothing as the uniform at Eden Academy, the school where Anya is enrolled.
Kid Girl School Black ShoesEbayClassic footwear for your adorable feet
Knee High White SocksAmazonIn case you didn’t know, high knee socks are worn to provide warmth to your legs and to offer protection against outside elements, keeping your legs clean.


Due to her bad upbringing and abandonment issues, Anya never had a chance to develop her social skills.

This is the main reason why she is not so good at expressing herself and talking to other people.

She is also shown to be cheeky and curious when it comes to pursuing her interests. This trait was revealed when she had the chance to realize the true identity of her adoptive parents. Instead of fearing about their secrets she instead got excited.


Anya has telepathic powers that allow her to read people’s minds.

This ability can be traced back to her past as a “test subject” to a certain unknown organization.

Her origins and true biological parents are not known. The only available information about her past is that she was an experimental subject made by mistake.


  • Anya likes peanuts, hamburg steak, and cake. She doesn’t like carrots.
  • The name Anya is derived from the Russian name “Anna”, meaning “grace”.
  • Her telepathic abilities will not work during a New Moon.


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