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General Description

Loid Forger” is an alias name being used by a man working as an undercover agent for the Westalian Intelligence Services’ Eastern Focused Division <WISE>.

This undercover agent is more formally known as “Twilight”.

In the storyline of the Spy x Family series, Loid Forger serves as the main protagonist and he is given a mission.

The mission states that he needs to get married and have a child.

This led him to enter a marriage contract with Yor Briar, an assassin who belongs to a group known as Garden.

Twilight also becomes the adoptive father of Anya Forger, a 6 year-old child that has the power of telepathy.



CharacteristicCosplay Products Link
Blond HairBlonde Wig
Light SkinN/A
Blue EyesBlue Eye Contacts
Slicked Back HairstyleHair Dough


CharacteristicsCosplay Products LinkGuides
Athletic BuildSilicone Muscular BodyN/A
Probably a Mesomorphic Body TypeN/AN/A
Has a height of 6 ft 2 inHeight Adding Foot InsolesIn depth analysis available
Weighs at 162 lbsN/AIn depth analysis available
Estimated Age is 27-30 years-oldN/AIn depth analysis available


ClothesClothing Products LinkGuides
Green BlazerGreen Slim Fit Suit BlazerSpy x Family Outfit and Costume Guide
Formal Short SleeveBlack Short Sleeve UndershirtSpy x Family Outfit and Costume Guide
Red NecktieRegular Red NecktieSpy x Family Outfit and Costume Guide
Black PantsSlim Fit Black PantsSpy x Family Outfit and Costume Guide
Formal Black ShoesFormal Cap Toe ShoesSpy x Family Outfit and Costume Guide
Full CosplayFull Loid Forger Cosplay Spy x Family Outfit and Costume Guide


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Glock 17Guns.comWhat Weapons and Guns are in Spy x Family
Luger P08American FirearmsWhat Weapons and Guns are in Spy x Family
Walther PP.Legacy CollectiblesWhat Weapons and Guns are in Spy x Family


On the outside, Loid Forger can be depicted as a cold-hearted and efficient secret agent.

This can be observed as he works as an undercover agent, maintaining a snappy and sharp attitude in order to execute the job properly.

He tries to keep his emotions within him, however, there are times when he can’t help but let his emotions out. These times are usually tied up with Anya and Yor.

Anya and Yor both shares a similar backstory with Loid Forger. The 3 of them were once orphans.

Considering their ties, Loid feels sympathy and has a soft spot for both of them, causing him to feel emotive sometimes.


This was all before he started working as an agent for WISE.

Loid Forger used to live together with his father and mother in Luwen, Eastern Westalis.

He was an only child.

After he lost his parents to the war, he joined the army, driven by hate.

He also had 3 childhood friends who died after joining the war.

His Father

He had a pacifistic view about the war between Westalis and Ostania.

He was presumed dead after an Ostanian attack on Luwen.

His name is not known.

His Mother

She used to sing him lullabies back when they were still in Luwen.

She died in an air raid. (Presumably at Kielberg)

Her name is not known.

His Military Service

After he lost his parents, he joined the Westalis army under the fake name Roland Spoofy while also lying about his age.

After some time in the service, he rose up within the ranks and earned the title Seargent.

During his military service, he met an Ostanian deserter who got caught in one of his traps.

The deserter begged for his life, saying that he doesn’t want to die since he hasn’t ever been with a woman before.

Twilight spared him and the two of them had a conversation about the war and conflict between the two factions until they were spotted by an Ostanian patrol and both of them had to run for their lives.

His 3 Childhood Friends

Twilight used to play military tactics together with his 3 unnamed friends.

The 3 of them were presumed dead after a bomb attack until they got reunited with Twilight during his service in the army.

The 3 of them later died during a military campaign.

His Organization (WISE)

Shortly after losing his friends, he was contacted by someone who knew his fake identity.

The person recruited Twilight to join the intelligence agency or else he will be court martialed.

Twilight had a change of mind and decided to fully join WISE, as he commits himself to create a world where no children would ever have to cry.


  • Yor Forger (Wife)
  • Anya Forger (Adopted Daughter)
  • Bond Forger (Pet)
  • Sylvia Sherwood (Handler)
  • Fiona Frost (Former Trainee)
  • Franky Franklin (Friend, Co-worker)


  • It has been disclosed that Twilight’s underwear is color black.
  • When choosing fake names, he prefers to have them start with the letters “R” or “L”.
  • The last name “Forger” is a metaphor to his family situation, that is, his family is “forged” and is therefore a fake family.





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