Fashion, Antiques and Vehicles Found in Mr. Malcolm’s List


No.ManufacturerDescriptionPriceWhere to Find
1No BrandTop Hat$66Gentleman Rules
2No BrandVintage Maid Outfit$60Alibaba and Fun
3No BrandPeriwig$21Amazon
4No BrandVictorian Bonnet$15Amazon
5No BrandTricorne$20Amazon
6No BrandSack Gown$75Retro Fairy
7MYMENUMasquerade Ball Mask$15Amazon
8No BrandRed Venetian Suit$80Amazon


No.ManufacturerDescriptionPriceWhere to Find
1No BrandChinese Tea Pot$69Glocing
2No BrandChinese Vase$30Amazon


No.ManufacturerDescriptionPriceWhere to Find
1Drayhorse Shire CarriagesHorse Drawn Carriage$30,000Drayhorse Shire Carriage


No.ManufacturerDescriptionPriceWhere to Find
1Amelia WarnerOvertureN/AN/A
2Amelia WarnerQuite the ReputationN/AN/A
3Amelia WarnerSelinaN/AN/A
4Amelia WarnerMalcolm and SelinaN/AN/A
5Amelia WarnerA Plan Is HatchedN/AN/A
6Amelia WarnerArriving at Hadley HallN/AN/A



Top Hat

A top hat, also called a high hat, a cylinder hat, is a tall flat-crowned hat for men traditionally associated with formal wear in Western dress code.

Mr. Malcolm is seen wearing a top hat on some occasions in the trailer.

You can buy your own top hat and look like a gentleman in Gentleman Rules.

Vintage Maid Outfit

In the Victorian era domestic service was the second largest category of employment in England and Wales, after agricultural work.

One of the maids is seen in the trailer having a bad time.

You can wear your very own maid outfit in Alibaba and Fun.


The word wig is short for periwig, which makes its earliest known appearance in the English language in William Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

One of the characters is seen wearing a Periwig in the trailer.

You can wear your very own periwig in Fun and Amazon.

Victorian Bonnet

This style of headwear dates back to the Victorian Era of glamor and style.

The protagonist of the movie can be seen wearing the headwear in the trailer.

You can purchase a Victorian Bonnet yourself at Amazon.


During the 18th century, hats of this general style were referred to as “cocked hats”

The hat’s most distinguished characteristic was that three sides of the brim were turned pinned, laced, or buttoned in place to form a triangle around the crown.

One of the characters in the trailer talking to Malcolm is wearing a Tricorne.

You can wear your own Tricorne on Amazon.

Sack Gown

The sack-back gown or robe à la française was a women’s fashion of 18th century Europe.

In front, the gown was open, showing off a decorative stomacher and petticoat. It would have been worn with a wide square hoop or panniers under the petticoat. 

The protagonist of the story is seen wearing a sack gown in the trailer.

You can dress up like a 18th century person from Retro Fairy and Funidelia.

Masquerade Ball Mask

A masquerade ball is an event where the participants would wear a mask and dance around with other people; who are also wearing a mask.

There is no definite answer why this event is hosted except for entertainment reasons.

The wearing of the mask could have millions of reasons, it could be that it tests the strength of your relationship with your friend or lover by being able to identify them even under a mask.

Or maybe it simply serves as a safety net for drunk people in the party, in case they embarrass themselves at least they will have a mask on.

You can buy your very own masquerade ball mask on Amazon

Red Venetian Suit

We can see one of Malcolm’s acquaintance wear the classic venetian suit.

This suit gives a stylish and stiff combination of an outfit, giving off a masculine, bold, and dashing look.

You can buy a similar tuxedo piece of Amazon


Chinese Tea Pot

Chinese teapots are made from yixing clay, which is derived from the Jiangsu Province of China.

A chinese Tea pot is used by the protagonist to pour tea for a guest who seemed to visit her often on the trailer.

You can buy the same items in Glocing.

Chinese Vase

Similar to the chinese pot, the chinese vase is also made from a yixing clay and has been a popular antique to this very day.

In the trailer, Chinese vases are seen in the background as a decorative necessity.

You can purchase these antiques on Fruugo and Amazon.


Typically made out of bronze, candelabras were first used by the Romans as a form of decorational lighting.

Before the invention of the lightbulb and electricity, candelabras were used by households as a main source of lighting.

Today, we can still see these ornaments at restaurants being made exclusive for dates making them more romantic.

You can purchase a Candelabra on Amazon


Horse Drawn Carriage

Back before engines and cars were invented, the carriage was one of most common forms of transportation.

Back then, only the nobles and the wealthy people could afford to buy these vehicles.

Carriages originated from chariots invented in Mesopotamia during 3000 B.C.

Eventually, this way of transport started to decline around the year 1910 when automobiles were invented.

You can buy a carriage on Drayhorse Shire Carriage



Quite the Reputation


Malcolm and Selina

A Plan Is Hatched

Arriving at Hadley Hall

A Gift of Friendship?

A Trustworthy Gentleman

Selina Arrives in London

Julia Discovered


The First Meeting

A Forgiving Nature


Oh Henry


Julia and Selena Make Up

The Chase


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