Costumes, Outfits, and Toy Merchandise Found in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


No.ManufacturerDescriptionPriceWhere to Find
1HasbroEye of Agamotto$75Ebay
2No BrandPride Flag Pin$4Queer In The World
3No BrandDr. Strange Outfit$52.9 – $423.11Amazon and Ebay
4No BrandWong Outfit$250Takerlama
5No BrandAmerica Chavez Outfit$109Takerlama
6No BrandBrown Scarf$10Amazon
7No BrandScarlet Witch Outfit$189Takerlama
8No BrandTrilby Hat$86Gentlemen Rules
9No BrandPork Pie Hat$47Gentlemen Rules
10No BrandBen Hogan Hat$27Gentlemen Rules
11VOGRYE (on Amazon)Lab Coat$17 – $13Yune King Medical Uniforms and Amazon


No.ManufacturerDescriptionPriceWhere to Find
1Marvel LegendsDr. Strange Action Figure$30 – $40Ebay and Abgame
2No BrandScarlet Witch Action Figure$30 – $324.87Fun and Games Key Australia
3MarvelUltron Sentries$26.99 – $50Tradeinn and Games Keys Australia


No.ManufacturerDescriptionPriceWhere to Find
1OldsMobile1973 OldsMobile Delta 88$67,995Autobarn Classic Cars


No.ArtistDescriptionPriceWhere to Find
1Danny ElfmanMultiverse of Madness$1.29Amazon and Spotify
2Danny ElfmanOn The Run$1.29Amazon and Spotify
3Danny ElfmanStrange Awakens$1.29Amazon and Spotify
4Danny ElfmanThe Apple Orchard$1.29Amazon and Spotify
5Danny ElfmanAre You Happy$1.29Amazon and Spotify
6Danny ElfmanGargantos$1.29Amazon and Spotify
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Product Descriptions


Eye of Agamotto

Agamotto was the first sorcerer supreme, he created the eye  in order to contain the Time Stone.

This relic can be seen being worn by Doctor Strange all the way throughout the movie.

There are replicas of this artifact you can buy on Amazon and Ebay.

Pride Flag pin

The Pride Flag is a symbol of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer also known as LGBTQ.

America Chavez is seen to wear the pin of the pride flag in the entirety of the movie to represent the community.

You can buy a similar product on QueerInTheWorld

Dr. Strange Outfit

Filled with magical runes, Dr. Stephen Strange’s outfit gives him the upper hand in his magical battles.

His living cloak, the cloak of levitation, is also present in the outfit aiding him in battle.

Buy Dr. Strange Outfit on Amazon and Ebay.

Wong Outfit

The Sorcerer Supreme, Wong guides Strange in his fights against the otherworldly beings that’ll destroy the fabric of reality.

Sorcerer Supreme Wong is seen wearing this outfit during the film.

You can purchase the Sorcerer Supreme’s Outfit in Takerlama.

America Chavez outfit

America Chavez is a character in the movie that can jump to different realities

She wears the same stylized outfit as she traverses the multiverse.

A similar outfit is purchasable  in Takerlama.

Brown Scarf

Stephen Strange is a rich doctor/sorcerer with an emphasis on style,scarfs and coats are one of them.

Strange is seen wearing a Brown Scarf when he visits Wanda Maximoff in the movie.

You can buy the scarf product on Amazon.

Scarlet Witch Outfit

The Scarlet Witch Wanda has changed her costume from WandaVision to a grim villainous design with scars raging from the heart symbolizing pain and heartbreak.

You can buy the Scarlet Witch outfit in Takerlama.

A scarlet witch toy statue is available on Amazon.

Trilby Hat

The Trilby Hat, also known as the “brown trilby” was once viewed as the rich man’s favored in Britain and was frequently seen during horse racing tournaments.

It can be seen being worn by one citizen from another reality during the movie.

The Trilby Hat can be bought on Gentlemen Rules and Amazon.

Pork Pie Hat

The Pork Pie Hat is a style of hat that became popular during the 19th century.

It has the shape of a flat crown resembling the traditional English meat pie.

You can get the Pork Pie Hat on Gentlemen Rules.

Ben Hogan Hat

The Ben Hogan cap, originally called the Ivy cap, got its name from a renowned golf player named Ben Hogan.

Having made history in the green, the star player was known for his distinguished cap.

The Cap is worn by a vendor in a different reality, making fun of Strange’s outfit and accusing him of theft.

You can also get this cap at Gentlemen Rules.

Lab Coat

C:\Users\APDAL\Downloads\Lab Coat.jpg

A lab coat is worn by the people working in laboratories, usually doctors and scientists.

Christine Palmer is seen wearing a lab coat on some portions of the movie as she works in the laboratory of the Illuminati.

You can also get your very own lab coat in Yune King Medical Uniforms and Amazon.


Dr.Strange Action Figure

C:\Users\APDAL\Downloads\Dr strange figure.jpg

Dr. Strange is an iconic figure in the Marvel Franchise. He uses spells from the mystic arts to summon powerful incantations..

You can get your very own Dr. Strange Action Figure on Ebay and Abgame.

Scarlet Witch Action Figure

C:\Users\APDAL\Downloads\Scarlet Witch Figure.jpg

Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch, is a Romani Transian sorceress and twin sister of the speedster Quicksilver.

She is the main antagonist in the movie.

You can get the Scarlet Witch Action Figure on Fun and Games Key Australia.

Ultron Sentries

C:\Users\APDAL\Downloads\Ultron Sentries.jpg

The Ultron Sentries was once the enemy of The Avengers when they fought Ultron on the movie “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”

In this film however, Dr. Strange is transported to a reality where Ultron Sentries are allies guarding the Illuminati.

You can get your very own Ultron Sentries or Ultron himself on Tradeinn and Gameskeysaustralia.


1973 OldsMobile Delta 88

The 1973 OldsMobile Delta 88 car is the car which director Sam Raimi always put on his movies as an easter egg.

The car is seen floating in a destroyed alternate dimension floating in the scene.

You can buy the same type of car on Autobarn Classic Cars.


Multiverse of Madness

Available on Amazon and Spotify

On the Run

Available on Amazon and Spotify

Strange Awakens

Available on Amazon and Spotify

The Apple Orchard

Available on Amazon and Spotify

Are You Happy

Available on Amazon and Spotify


Available on Amazon and Spotify

Journey with Wong

Available on Amazon and Spotify


Available on Amazon and Spotify

Strange Statue

Available on Amazon and Spotify

The Decision Is Made

Available on Amazon and Spotify

A Cup of Tea

Available on Amazon and Spotify

Discovering America

Available on Amazon and Spotify

Grab My Hand

Available on Amazon and Spotify

Battle Time

Available on Amazon and Spotify

Not a Monster

Available on Amazon and Spotify

Forbidden Ground

Available on Amazon and Spotify


Available on Amazon and Spotify

Illuminati vs Wanda

Available on Amazon and Spotify

They’re Not Coming Back

Available on Amazon and Spotify

Stranger Things Will Happen

Available on Amazon and Spotify

Buying Time

Available on Amazon and Spotify

Book of Vishanti

Available on Amazon and Spotify

Looking for Strange

Available on Amazon

Strange Talk

Available on Amazon and Spotify

Lethal Symphonies 

Available on Amazon 

Getting Through

Available on Amazon

Only Way

Available on Amazon 

Trust Your Power

Available on Amazon

They’ll Be Loved

Available on Amazon


Available on Amazon and Spotify

An Interesting Question

Available on Amazon

Main Titles

Available on Amazon

An Unexpected Visitor

Available on Amazon


Available on Amazon and Spotify

Wanda at Home

Available on Amazon and Spotify


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