The Importance of Copy-Speaking in Business

In a recent podcast session, Max of Endless Value shares his views on the importance of Copy-Speaking and its effectiveness in marketing and selling. 

According to Max, some of the most popular personalities today are very successful because they have mastered the art of Copy speaking and have applied it in their businesses.

Copy speaking with friends and families

Check out the written version of his podcast with Peter Guerriera below.

Max: When Connor McGregor does something, he does it from the point of view of where there’s a camera staring at him. When he talks, he structures his sentences in a way as if somebody is going to make a film of it and redistribute it. And you have to do the same thing. He acts as if there’s a camera trying to make them go viral.

And that’s how podcasters should talk. You have to structure your sentences in a certain way. Do you know what Copywriting is? Copywriting is structuring – it’s an extremely difficult skill, it’s a very difficult skill. Most people think that they’re Copywriters – they’re not. It’s a very difficult skill. And all copywriting is about, is structuring your words and sentences in a way where something can be sold efficiently.

And this is something I try to coin – Copy talking or copy speaking. So, what you have to try to do, is to modify the way you talk into copy speaking. Now, you don’t want to overdo it, cause it’s kind of weird, like why are you always trying to sell?

Peter: Yeah.

Max: That’s weird. But, in certain areas, like if you’re doing a podcast, or in a business meeting trying to pitch something, you have to use something called copy speaking.

Copy speaking is like the alternative to copywriting, where you structure your words in a way where something can be sold. The master at this is Tai Lopez – an absolute master. When Tai Lopez is in a podcast or interview, he always talks, and he’s always doing it. 

Tai will be talking in a way where something would be sold, like, “Yeah, I used to work with this billionaire or, Yeah, I spent $40 million on ads”. That’s copy speaking. Do you know what I’m saying?

Peter: Yeah. But it doesn’t mean he’s lying, right?

Max: No, no. I’m not saying he’s a liar, copy speaking isn’t about lying at all. You structure things in a way where you maximize the sale of what you’re talking about. And I think Tai Lopez has been selling for so long that he doesn’t even try to copy speak anymore. He is just copy-speaking.

And because I’m a marketer, it’s slowly becoming onto me as well. When I talk to somebody in a casual conversation, I will structure it in a way where it emphasizes and sells my point. So like, even when you’re a marketer, you’re slowly programming yourself to talk in a way where you’re selling what you have to say. This the importance of copy-speaking.

I don’t think there’s a term for it though. People just say, sales talk, or Salesmanship, or salespreneurship, but I call it, copy speaking. I think it’s a great term that hopefully, I could popularize.

Peter: I think I’m good at telling stories that way. Like, when I’m telling a story. I, for some reason, know exactly what to emphasize to make sure everybody’s like, “Oh, that’s a great story”. Meanwhile, all I did was emphasize this specific part of the story and this specific part of the story. So I guess it’s pretty good.

Max: You might actually be, but I’m just saying in general, I think everybody thinks they’re a good copy speaker. But, the thing is, everybody is a good copy speaker with their family or with their friends.

Peter: Yeah Yeah.

Max: Let me explain, you understand the wavelengths of your friends and family.

Peter: Yes. You know how to get them hyped up.

Max: Right. But the true copy speakers, like Tai Lopez, know how to copy speak all the time to the masses. That’s an actual legitimate skill. For example, copy-speaking with your friends is so easy – I know exactly what to tell you to sell the point. But, if we go to a random stranger, it would not be easy to copy speak.

Peter: Yeah.

Max: Now, of course, you don’t want to be the type of person that’s copy speaking all the time to everyone. That’s weird. Don’t be that guy. Nobody wants that. Even when you’re with your friends, like, “dude, stop trying to sell me”. That’s not a real friendship if you’re just being sold to all the time by the opposite person.

But, in certain circumstances, like business meetings and business environments, or when you’re with clients or podcasting your marketing or YouTubing, you would want to become a good copy Speaker in these situations. 

Another master at this is Jake Paul. Copy-speaking, and Copy event planning – he’ll structure events in a certain way to make them appealing to the masses. David Dobrik is this way too. He’s not a copy speaker, but he’s a copy event planner.

Peter: Yeah I searched his videos.

Max: I guess he’s a copy event planner where he’s good at structuring moments. So it’ll likely be sold to the masses at a high level. That’s why he’s such a good vlogger. 

Anybody can do what David Dover does from a surface level, but what people don’t understand is that he’s great, I guess we could call it a copy event planner where he can structure things extremely well, then it can be sold very well. And everybody thinks it’s such an easy thing to do, but David Dobrik, he’s extremely talented at it and he probably doesn’t even realize it or he’s too humble to talk about it. So it’s an extremely difficult skill to ape or copy.

In totality, the importance of copy speaking is very apparent in Max’s words. It’s likely one of the biggest reasons why these popular celebrities are very successful today. So if I were you, I will start mastering the art of copy speaking today.

The Importance of Copy-Speaking in Business

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