The Difference Between Quitting and Giving Up

As the saying goes, “You will only fail when you stop trying,” reaching your desired goals depends upon you. The pursuit only stops when you stop pursuing. If you keep on working for your purposes, there’s no way that you will not reach them. And this is where the difference between giving up and quitting plays a significant role.

Giving up means you surrender and want to end it all. On the other hand, quitting is simply stopping. Giving up is a more profound feeling that shouldn’t entertain. Everything ends when you give up, but you pause and then continue on a new path when you leave.

To understand what we mean by this, below is a written version of the podcast between Max Av and Peter Guerriera.


Max: Let’s talk about the difference between giving up and quitting. Persistence means the lack of giving up. The more you persist, the less you give up. People think that leaving and giving up is the same thing. No, quitting is a great decision-making skill. Knowing how, where to stop, and when to quit is imperative. Leaving is a decision. And if you know how to finish, it’s often an intelligent decision.

For instance, smoking cigarettes and quitting cigarettes is a great decision. It is a brilliant and excellent long-term decision. That’s leaving, not giving up. You can’t give up smoking cigarettes – that doesn’t make sense. But you can give up your pursuit to quit smoking cigarettes – that’s a terrible thing. Giving up is a negative thing. Leaving can be a practical skill, depending on how you master it. And it’s hazardous to be bad at Quitting.


Peter: Okay. So let’s tie in everything you’ve just said about the internet. Let’s connect on everything you said about quitting and being persistent on social media.

Many people are saying that social media is very saturated and that many people are doing the same thing. When you go on Instagram and you look up at their Reels. And 17 different people are doing the same thing.

So when you are an up-and-coming social media influencer, how do you know when it’s the right time to quit? How do you know when it’s the right time to be persistent? How do you know if your field is saturated and if you should or should not?


Max: So let’s say that these people who don’t understand social media always say one common thing – Social media is over-saturated. Let me make it clear. It’s not okay. I manage the advertising of several multimillion-dollar companies. They use social media advertising, mostly paid but, in many ways, to grow their business.

It’s not over-saturated. A lot of these businesses are thriving. Pretty much all of them are using social media marketing in some way. I’m a paid advertising professional that understands this stuff. Social media is not oversaturated at all or even close. We’re at the beginning of this frontier.

Twenty years from now, we will be shocked by how unsaturated the internet is. The internet is 20 years old, and social media is 15 years old. It is not over-saturated; it’s not even close. YouTube has enormous revenue growth every year. If social media is so saturated, how does YouTube grow so much? If social media is over-saturated, how in the world that a billion users of social media platforms come out of nowhere on Tik-Tok.


We have BitCloud now. I’m not sure if the BitCloud is legit, but hopefully, it is legit. If BitCloud came out of nowhere, how is social media over-saturated? When you constantly have these enormous Social media platforms come out of nowhere. Over-saturated means there’s not enough room, yet YouTube is growing like crazy. There are new social media platforms. Clubhouse came out of nowhere. If it’s saturated, how come there’s so much room for all these new things. The social media industry is growing every year.


Now that we know that the internet and social media are not over-saturated, it might be the perfect time to keep pushing forward and persist, right? The market isn’t the problem. The problem is our methods are ineffective. And if we keep trying and continue striving for our goals, discovering that effective method will only be a matter of time.

So don’t quit and keep on persisting. Who knows, you might be the next TikTok founder.

The Difference Between Quitting and Giving Up

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