4 Examples of Course Sellers Monetizing Their Passion

Most people think the internet is over-saturated. But the truth is only half of the population is on the internet, and it’s not even close to being over-saturated. Moreover, course sellers are monetizing their passion on the internet.

There may be so much growth on the internet, but Social media is not oversaturated.

Online education is a giant industry, and it’s growing at an incredible rate. You can make money from it, too!

It’s not just some esoteric, complicated, and unique monetizing course. The world already has enough of those! Sell something simple– but still profitable.

People will pay for a dull or even limited class because they want to buy courses on subjects they know nothing on their content.

If you’re in the cooking niche, build a brand online and monetize it based on the type of cooking you like. Here are some examples of the online courses you can make:

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1. Teaching People How To Make Bread or Kombucha

2. Teaching People How To Brew Beers at Home

3. Teaching People How To Bake

4. Teaching People How to Paint Flowers

1. Teaching Courses to People on How To Make Bread or Kombucha

Mike Greenfield makes a ton of money with AdSense by creating unique, thoughtful, high-quality videos that get 6.3 million monthly views. 

This guy has  3 million subscribers on YouTube, and one way he monetizes is by selling a $150 course on how to make bread.

Mike Greenfield also has another course where he teaches people how to make kombucha for $100.

His courses are some of the best-selling courses on teachable.

2. Teaching Courses to People on How To Brew Beers at Home

Joseph Lavoie sells a course for $50 on how to teach people to brew beer on his blog, beercraftr.com.

Many people are passionate about alcohol, so it’s no wonder this guy is a top seller on teachable.

3. Teaching Courses to People on How To Bake

Many people want to get better at baking. Thus, there’s room for you to make a lot of money in the cooking niche. Hire someone who knows how to market and build a social media presence.

Nicholas Botomisy teaches people how to make lemon and chocolate tarts for $46 each despite success in the bakery business.

4. Teaching Courses to People on How to Paint Flowers

Teela Cunningham is a graphic designer who sells a top-selling course for $177 where she teaches people how to paint flowers using an iPad.

Her content may be straightforward, but she gets millions of views on YouTube. She already has 343,000 subscribers to date.

So don’t say there’s no money in cooking or graphic designing. These guys don’t do anything too crazy. They’re just super passionate about what they do and figure out how to monetize it beautifully. It may take a lot of effort and time, but persistence is always the key.

4 Examples of Course Sellers Monetizing Their Passion

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