The Most Important Thing For A Viral TikTok Post

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TikTok is a video-sharing app that wants its users to spend as much time on the app as possible. 

One of the best ways to promote this goal is by optimizing and tracking retention rates because when people stay on your TikTok, they will watch more content from you, which will please them even more and make it easier for you to get exposure within TikTok.

The first second of your TikTok video needs to be super catchy!

The first second is the most important part because you get the viewers’ attention. So if you mess up the first second of the Tiktok, you mess up the whole thing. 

Another way to make sure people stay around for a while is by “glue-ing” them onto our app with engaging stories or longer videos.

Suppose people click onto your profile within TikTok and watch any other videos that trigger their interest. In that case, this keeps them spending more time on the app longer. You will have an increased chance of receiving awards or rewards (such as likes).

The higher number of views per video watched times how long each person spends on one of those videos equals a larger potential ranking among both other similar profiles but also nearby popular profiles.

Another thing about TikTok is that you could easily set up your blog using your content. All the content on your TikTok account can be transcribed and turned into articles for your blog.

You can upload your TikTok videos on other social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. And if you have a Podcast, cut and turn it into TikToks.

Take it one step further and upload your videos on Rumble. They’re experiencing huge growth right now. It’s like YouTube but has a more limited audience.

Eventually, it will become just like any other social media site. Take advantage of the under-saturated market by exposing yourself and uploading your own content!

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The Most Important Thing For A Viral TikTok Post

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