Everything To Know About Rezillo Ryker Before Buying His Courses


NAMERezillo Ryker
BIRTH DATEAugust 19, 1989

The name Rezillo Ryker appeared on various websites such as Youtube, Picarto, Gumroad, Twitter, World on VRC Chat, and VRC Arena


Rezillo Ryker stated on his youtube channel that his original name was called Raccoon Rezillo but he made some changes to it. Now, he called himself “Rezillo Ryker”.

He joined youtube on June 4, 2011, which means that he is 11 years on the site. 

In terms of subscribers, he has 4.7K of them. On the other hand, the viewers are exactly 580, 040, recently.

He also said that he is using Maya to animate in 3D and create avatars.

He is also a religious person. The statements below are exactly what he wrote in his YouTube channel description.

“I want everything I do to glorify God. Even my animations!”

“I am open to talking about God and the Bible as I follow Jesus Christ as Lord. My hope is for everyone to find salvation with God as the gospel is explained in the Bible but I can’t force anyone, you decide to believe it or not. All I can do is try to help explain it.”

“If you don’t wish to talk about religion and heard enough of it then certainly can let me know or not watch. There is no need to attack each other for disagreements. I’m not looking for a fight nor do I care to win arguments. There is no harm to wanting to look for absolute truth for reality doesn’t just morph to one’s belief or another.”

“When there is no way to prove what is the truth then we can simply agree to disagree.”


He is a member of Picarto TV for seven years since January 24, 2016.

Recently, he has 11, 274 views and 207 hearts.

He has four videos from the website entitled “I do 3D Art” and “3D Character Artist”. 

There is live streaming on the website about 3D Art.

In addition, we can chat with him on this website.


On this website, Rezillo Ryker stated that he creates 3D characters and has done many animations in his experience.

He posted four of his products here. The products are listed below.

1Simple Neck/Head Props5 stars$5
2Canis Woof4.9 stars$50
3Rexouium Avatar4.9 stars$45
4Cervus Durr4.7 stars$30

He also posted the “Rexouium Avatar – License update!” last April 26, 2022.

Below is what exactly he wrote about the License.

“I have decided to make this added version to be licensed for commercial use where you will be permitted to use the files for any media commercially. As in creating animations, art, or games to sell with the avatar in a product. Still does not mean you may redistribute the files alone. Examples are: making a game, making merchandise, printing 3D sculpting for others.”

“Don’t worry if you have been already using the avatar with recording videos like on Twitch, YouTube, or other media and happen to get monetized with using the avatar. I already allowed that with the personal purchase.”

“Be sure this is very new to me and can be subject to change so just be warned on that. At the moment it is what I find the easiest way to permit anyone to want to use these files in a big product or commercialize as in merchandise”

If you have any questions on this feel free to ask me, Discord RezilloRyker#3830 or on Twitter @RezilloArt


Rezillo Ryker has a personal twitter account. He stated there that Twitter is just for him to retweet art he likes and you discuss stuff with him also. He has another Twitter account named @RezilloArt where he will have all his artwork posted.

He is following 452 Twitter accounts. On the other hand, he is followed by 1,067 twitter account users.

He also replied to a tweet that would tell us that he is a very religious person.

The reply is exactly written like this:

“I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus as my Lord. I follow the Bible as the foundation of my life. I am not partiality to anyone, I like to show love and truth to everyone.”

Find him on this twitter accounts: https://twitter.com/RaccoonRezillo and https://twitter.com/RezilloArt

VRC Chat

Rezillo Ryker introduces worlds on VR Chat.

The worlds he made are the listed on the table below.

World NameWorld IDMax connectionsVisitsFavorites in VR ChatCreate/Update
Rezillo Public Avatarswrld_4860592c-1d3c-45b2-9ba3-eb6755a82d1220 users1, 71470Create: 2022-04-02 Update:2022-05-01
Canis Woof Gallerywrld_8f61ffd8-2efb-40c1-9071-0b2ee2867a1030 users3, 7693, 769Create: 2021-03-11 Update:2021-03-11
Canis Woof Avatarswrld_ac90fed4-aa05-42e8-ac5b-2bb5c90aee4830 users46, 1032, 269Create: 2020-12-17 Update:2021-02-23
Rexouium Photo Gallerywrld_52b4c96f-4b87-4eb0-8bcf-17717f4accab30 users18, 593234Create: 2020-07-07 Update:2020-07-08
Rexouium Avatarswrld_3a278e64-36c3-4c19-9e2a-f8bac7bbd9c430 users197, 1418, 503 Create: 2020-04-27 Update:2021-03-05

VRC Arena

In the website, Rezillo Ryker features his Canis Woof 3D Art.

Canis Woof is a 3D art inspired by dogs, hyenas, and Wolf.

He stated more about Canis on the website. Below is what he wrote on the website

“Canis means dog in Latin. This is a general canine avatar I have made that has many customizing sliders and is built for anyone to make about any cute canine species or even other species that one may like to change to. For example, you can create the neck to be more arched/feral and widen the nose and body to fit more like a Hyena.”


Full setup rig ready for VRChat and VRM formats with Unity packages having it all ready to go.

Full body rig

Over 160 blend shapes for many sliders to customize face and body shapes including female shapes.

Prepared face expressions and animations with many blended shapes to create nearly any expression.

VRChat Quest compatible

All source files

“There are planned updates and don’t worry about having to re-buy as I just charge once for the avatars and you get the updates for free when you own it on Gumroad.”

Updates that are planned:

toned muscles with normal


toe controls

The Canis Woof has one review on the website.

This is what exactly the reviewer said “ I have been using the Canis Woof as my primary avatar for a year and it is by the far my favorite. It has so many options to customize it. My Canis Woof looks so much different from the default one. If it had better performance options (such as a “good” rating for Quest and low-end PCs) it would have a 5-star rating.”


The rating for each criterion is shown in the table below.

Customizability5 starsIt comes with so many blended shapes to tweak every little thing. It comes with a very complex but powerful Substance Painter project which makes re-texturing it a breeze.
Ease Of Use5 starsComes with a pre-made Unity scene so publishing it to VRChat is super-fast and easy.
Appearance5 starsThe best canine avatar out there. The pre-made textures and ear/clothing options look very good.
Performance2 starsIt has a very high poly count so the performance rating is always “Very Poor”. Even the Quest version has too many polygons.

The overall rating is 4.25 stars. It implies that the user is very satisfied with the Canis Woof on Customizability, Ease of Use, and Appearance. On the other hand, he is not satisfied with the Performance.









Everything To Know About Rezillo Ryker Before Buying His Course

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