The Most Expensive Winx Club Characters’ Dolls

List of Winx Club Characters’ Dolls

This is a list of characters that make appearances and/or are mentioned in the Winx Club Series. The series features numerous characters that have collectible doll items.

RankDolls/ItemsNotes/PriceImageWhere to Buy?
1NEW UNOPENED RARE FLORA WINX CLUB DOLL 2004/2005 season 1 Mattel – doll with boxThis is a collectible doll of Flora. The packaging is great and the doll inside is beautiful and awesome. It only costs $500.00. eBay
2Mattel Winx Club 2004/2005 Bloom Season 1 Fairy Transformation Doll! RARE NOOBIt is a collectible doll of Bloom. It includes a dress aside from the dress in the doll. This can be changed when you want Bloom to transform into a fairy form. It costs $375.00. eBay
3Jakks Pacific Winx Club Good Vs Evil Icy Bloom Flora Stella Enchantix DollsThis is a collectible dolls of the four winx club characters including bloom, Evil Icy, Flora and Stella. The dolls really look expensive and elegant. It only costs $299.99. eBay
4WINX CLUB STELLA BELIEVIX POWERThis is a collectible doll of Stella. It is her transformation form in the series. The doll really looks elegant and awesome. The price is quite affordable.  It costs only $260.00. eBay
5Winx Club Believix Doll Transformation Station Playset RareThis is a collectible doll of Bloom. The package includes the transformation image of Bloom from the series. The doll is great and fabulous. The dress is fashionable.  It only costs $199.99. eBay
6Mattel Winx Club 2005 Charmix Bloom Doll. NEW VHTF RAREThis is a collectible doll of Bloom. This is rare and beautiful. The quality of the packaging is really great. The doll really looks expensive with an affordable price. It only costs $189.95. eBay
7Winx Club Pricipessa del Regno Giochi Preziosi , RareThis doll is dressed like a princess and it looks so elegant with that. It is princess stella. She looks stunning and beautiful as a princess.  This only costs $160.00. eBay
8Mattel Winx Club Musa Pixie Magic 2005 – Very rare – Functioning lightsThis is a collectible doll of Musa. There are features such as lights which are functioning. It is very good at night when you want to put it beside you when sleeping. It costs $149.00. eBay
9Winx Club believix musa 12 zoomix collection Rare new damaged boxThis is a collectible dolls of the six winx club characters such as bloom, stella, musa, flora, aisha and roxy.  The dolls are their transformation from a woman to a fairy. The dolls are great and elegant. It only costs $125.00. eBay
10Winx club believix musa Excellent ConditionThis is a collectible doll of Stella. She is the only one that you could see in the package. The doll looks so expensive with the original price. It costs $120.00. eBay


The Most Expensive Winx Club Characters' Dolls

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