The Favorite Weapons of the Bad Guys Characters

List of Weapons

This is a list of weapons that make appearances and/or are mentioned in the Bad Guys movie. The movie features numerous weapons that are found in the real world but we only listed the toy items for these weapons and the real items for those less dangerous weapons.

Weapon/ItemNotesImageWhere to Buy?
GlockMr. Wolf’s favorite best weapon and he uses it when he is on a mission.  Indovemo
Desert EagleMr. Snake’s favorite weapon and although he doesn’t have hands or feet, he can still use it smoothly. He is really amazing and incredible. DreamCity Store
Baseball BatMr. Shark’s favorite weapon. He used it whenever there are enemies that he might encounter. It really can hurt them so bad. Marucci
SwitchbladeMr. Piranha’s favorite weapon. He always has it with him whenever he goes out. It is always in her pocket or bag. It is readily available by the time he really needs to use it. Streamlight Store
NeedlesMs. Tarantula’s favorite weapon. It might looks like a small weapon but it is quite dangerous. She might put a poison on this so that her enemies would really hurt by this so bad. It is found in her pocket or bag. Eketirry
ExplosivesDiane Foxington’s favorite weapon. These weapons are very dangerous because they could damage an entire city. Be careful with Ms. Diane because she might be pretty but dangerous. Toyland
ComputerMs. Tarantula’s favorite weapon. She is actually good in computer hacking. She could access forbidden websites. Hacking is so easy for her. Lenovo Store
TaserPolice Chief’s favorite weapon. If you don’t want to be electrocuted don’t go near the chief police. Of course, if you violate the rules and regulations in the city, surely, you will get what you want. Taser Store
MicrophoneMs. News Reporter’s favorite weapon and it is very useful for her spreading fake news on television or on a live broadcast.  Razer Store


The Favorite Weapons of the Bad Guys Characters

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