The Scariest and Coolest Dinosaurs in Camp Cretaceous

List of Dinosaurs

This is a list of dinosaurs that make appearances and/or are mentioned in Camp Cretaceous Characters Series. The series features numerous dinosaurs that have collectible toy items.

DinosaursNotesImageWhere to Buy?
Compsognathus Compognathus (AKA the “Compy”) is a tiny predator featured throughout the Jurassic Park franchise.  Papo Store
BrachiosaurusThese long-necked sauropods could grow to be over 40 feet tall, and they were the very first dinosaurs. Recur Store
VelociraptorVelociraptors are not a heavy focus in Camp Cretaceous, they make a terrifying impression on Darius and Kenji, when the two get trapped in their enclosure.  Jurrasic World Toys
SinoceratopsSinoceratops may not be meat-eaters, but they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to herbivores.  Jurrasic World Toys
Parasaurolophus (Bioluminescent)Parasaurolophus are hadrosaurs (or duck-billed dinosaurs) that stand about thirteen feet tall.  Jurrasic World Toys
PteranadonPteronadan is a predator whose name means “toothless wing”, but despite the gentle sounding name, these large, winged creatures are still extremely dangerous. Jurrasic World Toys
AnkylosaurusAnkylosaurus is covered in bony plates and long, thick spikes, the Anky used its clubbed tail as a weapon against attacking predators.  Jurrasic World Toys
MosasaurusMosasaurus is one of the only sea-dwelling predators featured in the franchise.  Jurrasic World Toys
Indominus RexIndominus Rex is a mix of many species, including both Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor DNA.  Jurrasic World Toys
CarnotaurusCarnotaurus is fast and slightly more agile than other larger carnivores. Jurrasic World Toys


The Scariest and Coolest Dinosaurs in Camp Cretaceous

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