The Favorite Food and Drinks of Komi Can’t Communicate Characters

List of Food and Drinks

This is a list of foods and drinks that make appearances and/or are mentioned in Komi Can’t Communicate Characters Series. The series features numerous food and drink items that are found in the real world.


FoodNotesImageWhere to Buy?
RamenKomi’s favorite food. She also knows the basic rules in ordering and eating this dish. The owner would appreciate someone who knows those rules. Maruchan Store
OnigiriTadano’s favorite food. There was this episode which says that he was the lucky one to eat the dish. He really loves to eat it. Artnap
Hot DogAll of the characters in the series love this food. They will order it from a café. It includes a lot of different flavor such as hot and spicy, cheesy and many more. Oscar Mayer
Ice CreamKomi’s favorite food. She really loves ice cream because it will make her feel cool during hot weather. She really likes the chocolate flavored ice cream and it tastes so delicious for her. CADO
SandwichKomi’s favorite food. She will order this from a café. She was a little bit nervous to enter the café but when she entered the place the personnel were very accommodating. They even bowed down their heads when Komi was going out on their café. Bumble Bee
Meat BallsTadano’s favorite food. He ate it together with a friend at school during lunch. He even shared it with his friend. They really love the dish. McCornick
VegetablesMost of the characters in the series love to eat these foods. It is because of the nutrients that they can get from eating them. It can also help digest food and clean the digestive system. Healthy Choice
BreadAll of the characters favorite food. They will have them during breakfast or snack time. They really want it with milk or coffee. Angelic Bakehouse
Sweet PotatoesKomi’s favorite food. She really requested this food from her friends. She really loves them for snack. It really gives her a good appetite.   Farmers Market
BentoKomi’s favorite food for lunch. This food is a complete package that includes meat, vegetables, bread and many more. Even other characters would love it for their lunch because it is easy to carry and prepare. bentoheaven
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English Conversation Practice - Ordering Food and Drinks


DrinksNotesImageWhere to Buy?
CoffeeKomi’s favorite drink. She even ordered this with her own. Her favorite can be bought in a café that serves food and beverages. Victor Allen
Diet ColaMost of the characters love this drink. They really want not to get fat while drinking soda. They really prefer this over a non-diet one. sodastream
Fruit DrinksOne of Komi’s favorite drinks. She used to drink this at home when she is studying or she is relaxing. Tropicana
WaterAll of the characters’ favorite drink. They really need water to make their body processed every system. Icelandic Glacial
Soda DrinksMost of the characters drink soda drinks. As what they said, these drinks can help them to digest their food. Izze Store


The Favorite Food and Drinks of Komi Can’t Communicate Characters

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