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The Favorite Food and Drinks of My Dress Up Darling Characters

List of Food and Drinks

This is a list of foods and drinks that make appearances and/or are mentioned in My Dress Up Darling Characters Series. The series features numerous food and drink items that are found in the real world.


FoodsNotesImageWhere to Buy?
Meat Wrapped OnigiriMarine’s favorite food when she was eating at the house of Gojou. They ate together rice cake together with the family. She really loves to eat them especially when Gojou is beside her. Also, when she was having a date with Gojou, she bought this from a vendor outside. This was the best food she really craving for.   Onigiri
Kabocha SquashMarine’s favorite vegetable food. She was eating with Gojou and the family on the episode where you can find this kabocha squash dish.   oxpeople123
PuddingMost of the characters of the series love this food. It was eaten during breakfast because it contains protein and carbohydrates.   Jell O Store
OmuriceMarine really loves to cook this dish to the special one. The dish is good for breakfast because it contains eggs, rice and vegetables. This dish is really nutritious and delicious.   tmcf
ChickenMarine mentioned this food while she was cooking. It is probably one of the favorite foods to include in their dishes such as the omurice. It will be more nutritious and high protein dish when you make one.   Omaha Steaks
BurgerGojou’s favorite food. When Gojou and Marine was having a date near the seashore they shared one burger. He told Marine how much he liked the burger especially with that special sauce. NOH Foods
Onion Rings and French FriesMarine’s favorite snacks. She ordered these snacks when she was on a café. She really mentioned it a lot of times. These snacks go together in the menu so it will be served in the same plate. FunYuns Walkers
Fried Garlic BulbOne of the favorite foods of Gojou. When they went out together with Marine, they ordered it from a café. Maesri Store
Katsu CurryMarine and Gojou’s favorite food. They had eaten this dish on a café. It looks like a fried chicken with a curry sauce. It is so delicious and nutritious.   S&B
Mango YogurtMarine also loves to drink mango yogurt. She really loves the color yellow food. It is because it is good for the eyes. Chobani


DrinksNotesImageWhere to Buy?
Coffee MilkOne of the favorite drinks of Marine. She ordered this from a convenient store. She drinks this every morning. The combination of these two should be perfectly made so that she will really love it that much. StarBucks-RTD Coffee
Lemon JuiceGojou’s favorite drink. He always has this while going out with Marine. One of the episodes showed this drink while they were on a beach. RealLemon
Natural Spring WaterAll of the characters favorite drink. They had a lot of these on their fridge. ACQUA PANNA
Soda Drinks with IceOne of Marine and Gojou’s favorite drinks. They really wanted the soda with ice to cool them down especially when the weather is hot. Snackscribe


The Favorite Food and Drinks of My Dress Up Darling Characters