The Favorite Food and Drinks of The Bad Guys Characters

List of Food and Drinks

This is a list of food and drinks that make appearances and/or are mentioned in the Bad Guys movie. The movie features numerous food and drink items that are found in the real world.


FoodNotesImageWhere to Buy?
SteakThis is Mr. Wolf’s favorite food. It should be cooked well because he likes it that way or else he might eat you.Omaha Steak Butchers
Pop Ups Ice CreamThis is Mr. Shark’s favorite food. He really likes to eat cold food. It is probably because he’s hot and he wants to cool it down.Fla-Vor-Ice
CakeThis is Mr. Piranha’s favorite food. He will always choose the sweetest and tastiest cake ever. He can eat the whole cake with just one glimpse.David’s Cookies
DoritosThis is Ms. Tarantula’s favorite food. She really likes snacks rather than eating a meal. She always brings it with her.Doritos Store
PeanutsThis is Rupert Marmalade’s favorite food. He likes peanuts because it is nutritious and good for his brain.Planters Store
PizzaThis is Diane Foxington’s favorite food. She likes it thin, cheesy with hot sauce. She is so classy and she eats pizza three times a day.Norgo
DonutsThis is Police Chief’s favorite food. She always brings it with her in the police car to grab it when she starves.Krispy Kreme
McDonald’s FoodThis Ms. News Reporter’s favorite food. She idolizes McDonald. All the food in McDonald is her favorite such as burger, chicken nuggets, French fries and many more.McDonalds
SardinesThis is Tiny Cat’s favorite food like most of the cats. It should be fresh and delicious.Chicken of the Sea


DrinkNotesImageWhere to Buy?
BeerThis is Mr. Wolf’s favorite drink. He should have a full glass of beer in his table. He consumes a lot of these every day. ALL Free
Root BeerThis Mr. Shark’s favorite drink. He likes drinking root beer in a can. He also consumes a lot of these every day. STUBBORN Soda
Mexican Coca-ColaThis is Mr. Piranha’s favorite drink. He likes it in a bottle and a dose of caffeine of this drink will make him fully alive. Coca-Cola Store
Monster Energy DrinkThis is Ms. Tarantula’s favorite drink. It will give her energy throughout the day especially when she has a mission to complete. Monster Energy Store
FIJI waterThis is Rupert Marmalade’s favorite drink. He is a rich guy that is why he wants expensive or overpriced water that he can afford. FIJI Water Store
WineThis is Diane Foxington’s favorite drink. She is really a classy girl and she wants to drink expensive wine. Justin Vineyards and Winery
WaterThis is Police Chief’s favorite drink. She is really busy and she always brings water with her in the police car. Essentia
CoffeeThis is Ms. News Reporter’s favorite drink. She really wants to be awake when she is reporting the news on the television and three glasses of coffee will do. Taster’s Choice
Sparkling WaterThis is Mr. Snake’s favorite drink. He likes sparkling water because it’s quite different from other water that he drinks. San Pellegrino


The Favorite Food and Drinks of Bad Guys Characters

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