The Food In Spy X Family & Where To Buy Them

Anya’s Favorite Peanuts

One of Anya’s favorite foods is the bag of peanuts that Loid Forger bought from the grocery. It has a blue packaging labeled Super Oishii Peanuts.

Image Source: Youtube & xiinruu from DeviantArt

Since the anime is not keen on endorsing a particular brand, we found a look-alike product of a bag of peanuts on Amazon with a blue packaging called Planter’s Salted Peanuts. It is sold in a case of 24 at 11.15 USD.

Image Source: Amazon

Assorted Biscuits for Teatime

Loid, Anya, and Yor snacked on assorted biscuits in one of the Forger Family’s teatimes. It included fruit crème biscuits, chocolate-dipped ones, crescent-shaped cookies, and round biscuits.

Image Source: Lost In Anime

We found a similar product of fruit crème biscuits on Amazon from the Canadian brand Christie. It is priced at around ­9.61 USD.

Image Source: Amazon

Then, the round ones are called light and buttery Viennese Whorls from the Border Family Biscuiteers. These are sold as a set that includes different other Great British Breakfast Tea Set at 42.99 USD.

Image Source: Amazon

Next, you can make the chocolate-dipped biscuits by dipping Shortbread Fingers in Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. The Walkers Classic Shortbread Fingers are sold at 5.69 USD as a pack of 5.3 oz, while the jar of Nutella is priced at 6.59 USD,

Image Source: Amazon

Additionally, for the crescent-shaped cookies, you can make your own using ready-to-bake cookie dough and cut it into crescents using a cookie cutter. The dough costs 4.22 USD, and the cookie-cutter is 6.99 USD.

Image Source: Amazon

Lastly, complete the teatime scene by brewing your tea. Amazon offers a box with a black tea variety pack from Twinings at 13.39 USD.

Image Source: Amazon

Alternatively, suppose you want to go for a simple teatime like Spy X Family on a slightly lower budget. In that case, you can opt to recreate the platter of biscuits using an assorted box of cookies and biscuits from Paterson. It is sold on Amazon at 10.99 USD.

Image Source: Amazon

Commemorative and TV Time Food

The Forger Family is seen together in front of the television in one of the episodes. Yor is holding a strawberry shortcake while Anya is munching on a tub of popcorn.

Image Source: Crunchyroll

To replicate this scene, cook your own batch of fresh popcorn with this popcorn kernel from Amazon, priced at 7.59 USD. Then, get this red and white striped popcorn bag, priced at 14.99 USD, to put your cooked popcorn in for a more authentic look.

Image Source: Amazon

Additionally, Amazon offers a ready-made Whole Foods Market Strawberry Shortcake for the cake, so you don’t have to make your own. It is sold for 15 USD, and the cake is about five inches in diameter and 19 ounces in weight.

Image Source: Amazon

Anya’s Academy Acceptance Celebratory Wine

Like the Spy X Family, top off the celebration and get drunk with a good bottle of wine like Yor.

Image Source: Drunken Anime Blog

There are a lot of selections of rich wine like that of Keller Rheinhessen Riesling Trocken, which is priced at 19.99 USD and can be bought from their site.

Image Source: New York Times


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