10 Most Expensive Aipom and Ambipom Pokémon Cards

RankItemPriceWhere to Buy?
1Pokemon Cards: 1st Edition Neo Genesis Uncommon: Aipom 26/111: PSA 10137.61 USDeBay
22001 Pokemon Neo Revelation 1st Edition Aipom 41/64 PSA 10 Gem Mint124.99 USDeBay
3Pokemon 1st Edition Giovanni’s Pinsir Gym Challenge 24/132 PSA 9121.99 USDeBay
42001 Pokemon Neo Revelation 1st Edition Aipom #41 PSA 10119.99 USDeBay
5Mysterious Treasures 3 Ambipom Holo PSA 946.99 USDeBay
6CGC 8.5 Ambipom Holo DPBP#268 DP2 Secret of the Lakes 1st Edition Japanese Pokem46.00 USDeBay
7Pokemon Trading Card Ambipom Stage 1 91/114 A1-5144.00 USDeBay
8Aipom – 67/147 – Common Reverse Holo (Aquapolis) Italian Other Non-English Pokemon Singles39.99 USDTroll And Toad
9Aipom – 67/147 – CGC 8.5 NM/Mint+ – Common (Aquapolis Singles) 309635.00 USDTroll And Toad
10CGC GRADE: 7.5 – Ambipom (2007) , Mysterious Treasures – 3/123 Holo33.00 USDeBay
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Image Source: eBay

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