10 Most Expensive Mareep, Flaaffy, and Ampharos Pokémon Cards

RankItemPriceWhere to Buy?
1PSA 10 1st Edition WOTC Holo Dark Ampharos Pokemon Card Neo Destiny 1/1054,000.00 USDeBay
2PSA 10 GEM MINT Pokemon DARK AMPHAROS Holo Rare Neo Destiny 1/105 Unlimited2,499.99 USDeBay
3Ampharos – 34/165 – Rare “For Position Only” Test Print (FPO)2,499.96 USDTroll And Toad
4Ampharos – 34/165 – PSA GEM MT 10 – Rare (Expedition) 1110499.99 USDTroll And Toad
52009 Pokemon Japanese HGSS Promo Mareep Holo PSA 10 008/L-P C13425.00 USDeBay
6Pokemon PSA 10 GEM MINT Mareep McDonalds Japanese Promo Card 2002 McD #12399.99 USDeBay
7EX Team Rocket Returns Reverse Foil Dark Flaaffy Holo Shiny Pokemon Card PSA 9300.06 USDeBay
8Pokemon PSA 10 Gem Mint Flaaffy Japanese Totodile Chikorita Deck Promo Card #26299.99 USDeBay
9Dark Ampharos – 1-105 1st Edition Neo Destiny (1st Edition) Holo Rare279.75 USDCCG Castle
10Ampharos-Holo 2000 Pokemon TCG Neo Genesis 1st Edition #1/111 PSA 9231.00 USDStockX
Image Source: UBuy

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