What Are the Heights, Ages, and Weights of the Valorant Characters

According to Valorant Characters Wiki, VALORANT is a free-to-play first-person tactical shooter video game being developed and published by Riot Games. The game currently runs on Unreal Engine 4.

Fade~ 5ft & 4in~ 25 years old~ 145 lbs
Neon~ 5ft & 3in~ 20 years old~ 115 lbs
Chamber~ 5ft & 9in~ 30 years old~ 200 lbs
Brimstone~ 6ft & 2in~ 60 years old~ 420 lbs
Viper~ 5ft & 10in~ 20 years old~ 140 lbs
Omen~ 5ft & 9in~ 25 years old~ 170 lbs
Killjoy~ 5ft and 9in~ 25 years old~ 170 lbs
Cypher~ 5ft & 10in~ 30 years old~ 210 lbs
Sova~ 6ft & 3in~ 30 years old~ 240 lbs
Sage~ 5ft & 7in~ 20 years old~ 130 lbs
Phoenix~ 6ft & 1in~ 35 years old~ 265 lbs
Jett~ 5ft & 5in~ 20 years old~ 120 lbs
Reyna~ 5ft & 9in~ 30 years old~ 200 lbs
Raze~ 5ft & 5in~ 20 years old~ 120 lbs
Breach~ 6ft & 5in~ 50 years old~ 400 lbs

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Analysis of the Valorant Characters’ Heights

In identfying the characters in valorant, we based the list from PC Games N and Valorant Wiki. Moreover, the heights are identfied based on the physical appearance and description on Valorant Wiki and other informative websites.

Firstly, Fade has a feature of an adult black woman. So, we based her height from that. Therefore, she is approximately 5ft and 4in according to Medical Xpress.

Secondly, Neon has a feature of a teenager. So, we based her height with an average teenager. With that, she is probably 5ft and 3in according to Disabled World.

Thirdly, Chamber has a feature of an adult man. His height is based on average adult man. So, he is probably 5ft and 9in according to Disabled World.

Next, the three tallest characters are Brimstone, Sova, and Breach. The estimated heights of these characters are 6ft & 2in, 6ft & 3in, and 6ft & 5in, respectively.The physical appearance of these characters would not deny how tall they are.

Then, Viper, and Cypher stand 5ft & 10in tall approximately. Since, they are taller than Chamber.

Also, Omen, Killjoy, and Reyna are estimated to have a height of 5ft & 9in. It is because they have the same height as Chamber also.

Moreover, Jett and Raze have the same approximated heights of 5ft & 5in.Since, they are shorter than Sage.

Lastly, Sage is 5ft & 7in approximately. He is taller than Jett and Raze but shorter than Omen, Killjoy and Reyna.

Analysis of the Valorant Characters’ Ages

The ages are estimation of the physical appearance of the characters and some information from other informative websites.

Firstly, Fade is already a young adult as mentioned in an article so; she is probably 25 years old according to New York Post.

Secondly, Neon is approximately 20 years old based on her height or physical features according to Disabled World. He also looks younger than the rest of the characters.

Thirdly, Chamber is looks like he is approximately 30 years of existence based on his height in Disabled World. He also looks older than Fade and Neon.

Next, the two oldest characters are Brimstone and Breach. The estimated ages are 60 and 50 years old, respectively.

Then, Viper, Sage, Jett and Raze have the same age of 20 years old approximately. Since, they are related with Neon and their appearances looks like in their 20’s.

Also, Omen and Killjoy are estimated to have an age of 25 years old. Since, they are quite older than Neon, Viper, Sage, Jett and Raze based on physical appearance.

Moreover, Cypher, Sova, and Reyna are 30 years old approximately. The three characters have the same age as Chamber since; they have the similarities with the physical features of this character.

Lastly, Phoenix is estimated to be 35 years old. The age is appropriate for him because he looks older than the rest of the characters. With that, we could say that he is the oldest on the list of characters.

Analysis of the Valorant Characters’ Weights

The characters height and ages were the basis for their weights. Then, we used the BMI Chart to look for them. The measurements for their weights are only estimation.

Firstly, the two heaviest characters are Brimstone and Breach. They weighed 420 lbs and 400 lbs, respectively. The physical appearance of these two characters would really tell you that they have those big pounds with them.

Secondly, Phoenix, Sova and Cypher have estimated weighs of 265 lbs, 240 lbs and 210 lbs, respectively. They really have that medium size compare to other characters that makes them quite heavier than others.

Next, Chamber and Reyna have the same approximated weigh of 200 lbs. The two characters have the same age and height and it’s undeniable that they have same weight also.

Then, Omen and Killjoy also have the same approximated weight of 170 lbs. These two have almost the same ages and heights so, obviously, they could have the same weight also.

Also, Fade, Viper, and Sage have estimated weights of 145 lbs, 140 lbs, and 130, respectively. The three characters are not that small or big, they could be somewhere in between so, their weights are fit for them.

Moreover, Jett and Raze are 120 lbs approximately. The two second lightest characters and they have almost the same age and height so, its undeniable to have the same weight.

Lastly, Neon is the lightest with an estimated weight of 115 lbs. Of course, she is the shortest of all the characters that makes her get that smallest weight.










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Valorant Characters: Heights and Ages

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