Fortnite Characters: Heights and Ages

List of the Fortnite Characters’ Heights and Ages

Bandolette~ 5 ft and 4 in~ 30 years old
Gut Bomb~ 5ft and 10 in~ 20 years old
Big Chuggus~ 6ft and 2 in~ 40 years old

Analysis of the Fortnite Characters’ Heights

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In identifying the Fortnite Characters, we based it from Fortnite Wiki.

Bandolette is a black adult woman. With that, she is approximately has a height of 5ft and 4 in. This is the average height of a black women according to Medical Xpress.

Gut Bomb is a man with a burger head. Probably, he is still young to do such act. Therefore, he is 5ft and 10 in according to Hall.

Big Chuggus loves slurp. But based on his image, he is quite big and tall. With that, he has an approximate height of 6ft and 2in according to Find Any Answer.

Analysis of the Fortnite Characters’ Ages

Bandolette has an adult facial image but not so old. So, she is approximately 30 years old based on Qoura.

Gut Bomb has an approximate age of 20 years old. It is because his acts told so. According to Qoura, the young man is that figure.

Big Chuggus is a muscled figure man. So, he is probably 40 years old. This is based on Medline Plus.


List of the Fortnite Characters' Heights and Ages

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