Apex Legends Characters: Heights and Ages

List of Apex Legends Characters’ Heights and Ages

Dr. Ashleigh Reid~5ft and 10 in121 years old
Margaret Kōhere~5ft and 4 in55 years old
Makoa Gibraltar~5ft and 6 in30 years old

Explanation of Apex Legends Characters’ Heights

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In identifying the characters from Apex Legends, we based it on Pocket Tactics.

Dr. Ashleigh Reid is a unique blend of human and simulacrum. According to Pocket Tactics, he is 121 years old. Therefore, he is an old man. So, the approximation of his height is 5ft and 10in. The height is the average man height according to Medicine.

Margaret Kōhere is a rebel war Lord. As a black woman, she has a height of 5ft and 4in. The height is the average woman height according to Medicine.

Makoa Gibraltar is a bulky boy. With that, he is approximately 5ft and 6. This is based on Be Spoke Unit.

Explanation of Apex Legends Characters’ Heights

Dr. Ashleigh Reid has an age of 121 years old. It is because he is a blend of human and simulacrum according to Pocket Tactics.

Margaret Kōhere is 55 years old. It is revealed in Pocket Tactics.

As revealed in Pocket Tactics, Makoa Gibraltar is 30 years old.







List of Apex Legends Characters Heights and Ages

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