All Pixar Characters’ Heights and Ages

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  2. Explanation of the Pixar Characters’ Ages

Pixar MoviesCharactersHeightAge
Toy StoryHannah Phillips~3 ft 11 in~7 years old
Mrs. Davis~5 ft 3 in~30 years old
Sarge~2 in~57 years old
A Bug’s LifeFlik~2.6 mm~20 years old
Princess Atta~2.6 mm~20 years old
The Queen~2.4 mm~60 years old
Monsters, Inc.Yeti~8 ft 3 in~80 years old
Roz~4 ft 5 in~75 years old
Fungus~4 ft~28 years old
Finding NemoMarlin~3 in~40 years old
Dory~12 in~23 years old
Gill~7 in~45 years old
The IncrediblesEdna Mode~3 ft~53 years old
Mirage~6 ft~25 years old
Rick Dicker~6 ft~55 years old
RatatouilleRemy~5 in~20 years old
Alfredo Linguini~5 ft 8 in~23 years old
Colette Tatou~5 ft 3 in~26 years old
WALL•EWALL•E~3 ft 4 in~700 years old
EVE~3 ft 8 in~1 year old
Captain B. McCrea~5 ft 8 in~50 years old
BraveQueen Elinor~6 ft 5 in~48 years old
King Fergus~7 ft~55 years old
Witch~3 ft 9 in~80 years old
Harris ~1 ft 8 in~ 5 years old
Hubert~1 ft 8 in~ 5 years old
Hamish~1 ft 8 in~ 5 years old
Monsters UniversityDean Hardscrabble~5 ft 9 in~52 years old
Don Carlton~5 ft 3 in~20 years old
Art~5 ft 2 in~20 years old
The Good DinosaurSpot~2 ft ~5 years old
Buck ~23 ft~11 years old
Libby~20 ft~11 years old
Momma Ida~44 ft~40 years old
Finding DoryHank~4 ft 3 in~45 years old
Destiny~18 ft~25 years old
Mr. Ray~5 ft 11 in~50 years old
Toy Story 4Bonnie Anderson~3 ft 6.5 in~5 years old
Gabby Gabby~19.5 in~47 years old
Duke Caboom~8 in~34 years old
Forky~6 in~1 week old
Giggle McDimples~1 in~18 years old
SoulLibba Gardner~5 ft 6 in~70 years old
Dez~5 ft 7 in~43 years old
Connie~5 ft~11 years old
Turning RedMing Lee~5 ft 1 in~40 years old
Jin Lee~5 ft 0 in~40 years old
Wu Lee~5 ft 1 in~60 years old
Abby Park~4 ft 4 in~13 years old
Tyler Nguyen-Baker~4 ft 8 in~13 years old


Image Source: Disney Fandom Wiki

Toy Story Characters

We based Hannah Phillips’ height on her estimated age. Hannah appears to be a 7-year-old girl, and according to Family Practice Notebook, the normal height for this age is 120 cm or 3 feet and 11 inches.

Next, we arrived at a 5 feet and 3 inches estimation for Mrs. Davis’ height since she appears to be in her 30s on Toy Story. We have read from Medical News Today that the average height for women is the said measurement above.

Lastly, Sarge appears to be 2 inches tall since he is an Army Men toy. This toy is manufactured with a height of 2 inches, as per the TIME website.

A Bug’s Life

Starting with Flik, we arrived at an estimation that he is 2.6 millimeters tall. This is because Flik is an Argentine Ant and the University of Florida revealed that this ant species can grow from 2.2 to 2.6 millimeters. 

Since he is taller than most ants throughout the film, we gave him the latter height.

For Princess Atta, she appears to be of the same height as Flik whenever they stand beside each other. Then, Queen Ant is half a head shorter than Princess Atta; hence, we estimated that her height is 2.4 millimeters.

Monsters, Inc.

We arrived at an estimation that Yeti is 8 feet and 3 inches tall. We based this on how tall he stands beside Sully. According to the Disney Fandom Wiki, Sully is 7 feet and 6 inches tall, and Yeti appears to be half a head taller than Sully’s frame.

As for Roz’s and Fungus’ heights, we based them by comparing their frames to Mike Wazowski. Based on the Ecloniq website, Mike is 4 feet tall. Roz is half a head taller than Mike, and Fungus appears to be as tall as him. 

Finding Nemo

For Nemo’s father, Marlin, we based his height on his real-life counterpart, the Clownfish. We have read from the Down to Scuba website that Clownfishes have an average size of 3 inches.

Next, we also based Dory’s height on her real-life counterpart, the Blue tang fish. This fish can reach a size of 12 inches, as per the ThoughtCo website.

Lastly, we estimated that Gill’s size is 7 inches since he is a Moorish Idol fish. Based on the information revealed by The Dallas World Aquarium, adult Moorish Idols have an average size of 7 inches.

The Incredibles

First, we determined Edna Mode’s height by how tall she stood next to Mr. Incredible. According to The Incredibles Fandom Wiki, Bob Parr or Mr. Incredible has an official height of 6 feet and 7 inches. 

Whenever Edna is beside Mr. Incredible, she only reaches his hips. Thus, we arrived at the estimated height of 3 feet. 

As for Mirage’s height, we also approximated hers by placing her beside Mr. Incredible. She appears to be half a head shorter than him; hence, her height appears to be 6 feet. This goes the same with Rick Dicker.

Rick is also half a head shorter than Mr. Incredible.


Since Remy is a rat, we have read from the Live Science website that rats have a typical height of 5 inches. Hence, we used it as Remy’s height.

For Linguini’s height, we estimated it based on his and Colette’s height gap. First, we figured out Colette’s height to be 5 feet and 3 inches. This height estimation is based on the actress to whom Colette is based.

According to Pixar Fandom Wiki, Colette is inspired by actress Audrey Tatou, and according to Audrey’s IMDb page, she is 160 centimeters or 5 feet and 3 inches.

Now, we estimated Linguini’s height to be 5 feet and 8 inches since he is half a head taller than Colette.


We have read from a Live Journal discussion that WALL•E’s height could be 3 feet and 4 inches. A user, hadesbabe, stated that they’d called Pixar, and a publicist revealed WALL•E’s height. So, we used this for determining EVE’s heights.

If EVE isn’t hovering, she appears to be half a head taller than WALL•E; hence, she could be 3 feet and 8 inches tall.

As for Captain McCrea, in the scene where he encountered EVE, the robot appears to reach his chest if he is standing. Therefore, he could be 5 feet and 8 inches tall.


According to Pixar Fandom Wiki, Mor’du is a 13-footer bear. With that, we used it to determine Queen Elinor’s height. The Queen only reaches the bear’s waist, giving us the idea that she could be 6 feet and 5 inches tall.

Next, we arrived at an estimation that King Fergus is a 7-footer since he is half a head taller than his wife. For the King and Queen’s kids, the triplets, we based their height on how tall they are beside Merida.

Merida appears to be 5 feet and 5 inches tall since she is a head shorter than her mother. So, if she is next to her siblings, they only reach her knees, making them possess a 1 foot and 8 inches height.

Lastly, we estimated that the Witch is 3 feet and 9 inches tall since she only reaches Merida’s upper abdomen.

Monsters University

We arrived at 5 feet, and 9 inches height estimation for Dean Hardscrabble since Mike’s 4-feet-frame only reaches her upper abdomen.

As for the other two characters, their heights are based on how tall they are when placed beside Sully. Don Carlton only reaches Sully’s stomach, while Art appears to be an inch shorter than Don.

The Good Dinosaur

According to Pixar’s official website, Arlo is an 18 feet dinosaur. With this, we based Spot’s, Buck’s, and Libby’s heights on him. Spot only reaches Arlo’s knees, making his estimated height 2 feet.

As for Libby and Buck, they are taller than Arlo. Libby appears to be 2 feet taller than Arlo, while Buck is the tallest among the siblings. 

Lastly, Momma Ida’s height is based on how tall she is when placed next to Poppa Henry. Poppa Henry is 46 feet tall. Momma Ida appears to be a head shorter than him. 

Finding Dory

According to National Geographic, Octopuses have an average height of 4 feet and 3 inches. Hence, we used this as Hank’s height. 

Next, since Destiny is a Whale Shark, we estimated that her height is 18 feet. This information is according to Live Science, stating that the aforementioned height above is the average height for Whale Sharks. 

As for Mr. Ray, we determined that he is 5 feet and 11 inches since according to Animal Diversity Web, this is the average length for this species.

Toy Story 4

Since we estimated that Bonnie is a 5-year-old girl, we based her height on this age. According to the Baby Center website, 5-year-old girls have an average height of 3 feet and 6.5 inches. 

Next, Gabby Gabby is a doll based on “Chatty Cathy,” and according to The Henry Ford website, this doll has a height of 19.5 inches. With that, we used this as Gabby Gabby’s height.

Similarly, Duke Caboom is also based on a real-life toy called “Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle.” We used the toy’s height from Amazon, 8 inches as Duke’s height.

As for Forky, since he is a Spork, we researched the typical height for this utensil. Now, we have read from the Parish Supply website that Sporks is 6 inches in length.

Last but not least, Giggle McDimples appears to be an inch tall since she only surpassed Bo Peep’s ankle. Mind you; Bo Peep has a 13 inches frame.


We based Libba Gardener’s height by placing her beside his son, Joe. Though we have read from MedicineNet that the average height for men is 5 feet and 9 inches, we believe that Joe is taller than this, probably a 6-footer.

With this, we estimated that Libba is 5 feet and 6 inches tall since she is half a head shorter than her son. This goes the same with Dez; he appears to be half a head shorter than Joe. But since the camera angle is from below in the Barber Shop scene, Dez could be an inch taller than Libba.

Lastly, since Connie appears to reach Joe’s upper abdomen, she could be 5 feet tall.

Turning Red

In our previous article, we estimated that Mei is 4 feet and 8 inches tall. We will use this to determine the other characters’ heights. 

Based on the mother and daughter interaction, Ming is half a head taller than her daughter, but she’s wearing heels. So, if we remove it, her estimated height could be 5 feet and 1 inch. Now, her husband, Jin, is an inch shorter than her.

Moving on to her mother, Wu, they share a similar height.

As for the last two characters, Abby and Tyler, Abby is half a head shorter than Mei, while Tyler stands at a similar height to Mei. 


Toy Story Characters

We estimated that Hannah is seven years old since she’s the younger sister of Sid and most of her belongings are toys. Next, Mrs. Davis’s age is based on her appearance in the movie. 

Lastly, we calculated Sarge’s age based on the manufacture date of his real-life counterpart. According to TIME, the Army Men toy was introduced in 1938, so if we subtract it from when the movie is set in, we will get the age of 57 years.

A Bug’s Life

For this movie, we also estimated the characters’ ages based on their attitudes and appearance. Flik and Princess Atta appear to be of the same age of 20 since they seem to be in their early stage of adulthood.

Whereas, based on The Queen’s appearance, she could be in her early 60s.

Monsters, Inc.

According to The Indian Express website, accounts of Yeti sightings were first recorded in 1921. On the other hand, the movie was set in 2001. If we subtract the years above, we could get 80 years and use this as Yeti’s age.

As for Roz, we estimated her age based on her appearance and attitude. Lastly, since Fungus is within Randall’s circle, they could be of the same age of 28 years.

Finding Nemo

In the movie, Marlin appears to be in his early 40s, Dory in her early 20s, and Gill in his mid-40s. Especially Gill is the leader of the Tank Gang.

The Incredibles

Based on Edna’s appearance, she could be in her early 50s. On the other hand, Mirage appears young and belongs within Syndrome’s circle. Hence, she could be in her mid-20s, just like Syndrome.


Since Remy has displayed maturity and quick wit, he could be in his early 20s. On the other hand, Linguini juggled multiple jobs until he bagged a janitorial job in Restaurant Gusteau. With this, he could be 23 years old.

Lastly, Colette has been an expert cook, so she might be in her mid-20s.


According to the Pixar Fandom Wiki, after 700 years since humans left Earth, only one WALL•E robot still thrives and does its tasks. Hence, WALL•E is 700 years old.

As for EVE, since she is a more high-tech and newly released robot, she could be age 1.

Lastly, Captain McCrea may look young; however, he could be 50 years old. With the new living conditions, his younger looks are justified. But based on the history of Axiom pilots, they start at an early age of 20 years old.

From years 2775 and 2805, McCrea was the pilot for 30 years. So if we add the numbers, he’s in his 50s.


For the King and Queen, we estimated their ages based on their appearance. We approximated that Queen Elinor is in her late 40s since her hair has streaks of white already. Traces of age can also be seen on her face.

As for King Fergus, his appearance also shows that he could be in his mid-50s.

For their sons, the triplets’ physique, energetic selves, and love for sweets make us believe that they’re 5-year-olds.

Lastly, The Witch’s stocky build and appearance make her appear in her early 80s.

Monsters University

For Dean Hardscrabble, we determined her age based on what is the average age of college deans. According to the AACSB website, most 52-year-olds can be deans.

Moving on to Don Carlton, since he took another year of college, he could be a sophomore. According to BeraphRupiah, most sophomores are aged 20.

Art could also be 20 years old since he is within the same circle as Don Carlton.

The Good Dinosaur

Appearance-wise, Spot could be a five-year-old—especially his innocence and curious nature.

For Buck and Libby, they could be 11 years old, too, like Arlo. This is because they are born and hatched on the same day.

Lastly, Momma Ida appears to be 40 years old, especially in her maturity, and the traces of age on her face are evident.

Finding Dory

Due to Hank’s attitude and appearance, we approximated that he is in his mid-40s. On the other hand, Destiny’s energy and enthusiasm make her appear to be in her mid-20s. Lastly, Mr. Ray could be a 50-year-old since he is in the teaching profession. 

Toy Story 4

We estimated that Bonnie is five years old since, at the start of the movie, Woody said that she is a kindergartner. We have read from the Healthline website that kindergartners are 5-year-old kids.

For Gabby Gabby, we estimated that she is 47 years old since the doll she is based on was released in 1960. On the other hand, Duke Caboom was released in 1973, while Giggle McDimples’ Polly Pocket was in 1989.

We subtracted the toys’ released date to the time Toy Story 4 was set in 2004.

Lastly, Forky is a newly-made toy that could be a week old after their journey.


Libba Gardner’s age could be 70 years old since his son, Joe, is 46 years old already. Next, Dez could be in his early 40s based on his attitude and appearance.

Lastly, Connie is a middle schooler, so her age could be 11 years old. According to the AskingLot website, middle schoolers start from age 11 to 12.

Turning Red

According to Pixar Fandom Wiki, Ming was born in 1962. Since the movie was set in 2002, we estimated that she is 40 years old. She could be of the same age as his husband since Jin stated he had known Ming before.

Based on Wu’s appearance, she could be a 60-year-old woman.

Lastly, Abby and Tyler are on the same grade level; therefore, they could be both 13-year-old.


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