Your Brain at Work Summary: Top 3 Things To Know

Your Brain at Work by David Rock talks about how our brain works and how we can rewire it to help us be more productive in life. So from what we’ve learned in the book’s Blinkist version, here’s Your Brain at Work Summary: Top 3 Things To Know.

Top Ten Work Quotes
Top Ten Work Quotes


In Your Brain at Work, we learned that giving our brain a break is better than forcing ourselves to pull an all-nighter. We also learned that our ability to think well is a limited resource, so we should know how to be efficient with it.

One good technique is by working on your most important tasks first. With this, you can allocate most of your brain’s energy to your essential tasks, enabling you to perform those tasks at the maximum capacity of your brain.


Distractions are anything beyond our immediate concerns because they cause us to lose track of what’s essential. Distractions are also everywhere. It’s on our phones, our email, and our social media.

In Your Brain at Work, we learned that we must recognize and eliminate our distractions to maximize our productivity. So if, for example, social media distracts you the most, you can try deleting them for a while or turn their notifications off when you’re doing an important task.


In Your Brain at Work, we learned that lowering your expectations is key to a general feeling of happiness.

Your expectations are what your brain wants you to think and are often an accurate reflection of the world around you. So when you reduce your expectations, you are actually reducing your pain and maximizing your gain.

Because if we think about it, it is better to expect low and exceed that expectation than expect high and not meet it.


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